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Mysterious Perfectly Formed Pond Circles Appear in NY

Mysterious Perfectly Formed Pond Circles Appear in NY, Work of UFO's - PHOTO

Update Date: Mar 27, 2013 | 06:28 PM EDT

Mysterious pond circles have been spotted in a pond in upstate New York, sparking talks about a potential visit from extraterrestrial beings, according to reports.

Small town Eden, N.Y. resident Peggy Gervase was looking out at pond near her house on Friday evening when she noticed a peculiar sigt: a number of perfectly round circles in the ice. Gervase took some photos of the pond circles and posted them to the Facebook page of Buffalo-based TV station WGRZ.

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Those are

eddies which uses centrifugal force to form the circles. Nothing "mysterious" here. In some places during winter, it gets so cold that the pond or stream actually freezes and creates a moving ice circle. Nature is pretty neat.


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C'mon man!

Eden is about a one hour drive south of Buffalo, NY, which is in WESTERN NY. Not everything outside of New York City is "Upstate". New York City folks like to believe they are the center of the universe, and are the sole reason our taxes so damn high throughout the state. I wish they'd separate from the state and become the District of New York City, it'd make a lot of rural New Yorkers very happy!

Just my 2 cents

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