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For All MASS immigration fans - Chinese truck driver whose immigration status is on appeal kills 2 with his 18 Wheeler

A Trucker driver who is a citizen of China slammed into 2 cars waiting at a stop light at 60 mph never stopping crushing them both into the back end of another Semi Truck. The driver, a resident of California and citizen of China was working for a Mexican trucking firm was over his allowable hours for the week according to his log book. He is being charged with manslaughter.

His temporary visitors permit expired and he was appealing his removal from the United States.

And people want mass immigration, these are the kind of things that happen.

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This is just a sad story. Nothing more.


Libertarians Don't Want "Mass Immigration", We Want the

BLUE CARD system, whereby the borders remain open to travel, both immigration and emigration and the amounts going and coming are roughly balanced. Google Blue Card Visa immigration and read up on it.

You will find that UNLIKE the Green-Card, the BLUE-CARD Visa is NOT a path to citizenship or mass immigration, yet it is a path to allowing the free flow of people across borders, which is a good thing since we are all not "Human Cattle on Govt Tax Farms".


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I have an ear

to your notions considering that I do not really support trespassing. It seems the best post so far to me.

Yet, what about jurisprudence? Would the convicted be deported or jailed? ie. drinking and driving

Since health care is much better in the US, would not the US health care system be overwhelmed? Thus leaving much lesser time and resources for actual citizens as RP has mentioned.


This is a Chinese version of

This is a Chinese version of Al-Qaeda. They have all these sleeper cells getting ready for random trailer attacks. The red book of Mao talks about an alliance with the Mexican multinationals to infiltrate these sleeper cells in American soil. This is really alarming, forget statistics, this single incident confirms the conspiracy beyond any doubt. Furthermore, this article confirms that every single Chinese (all 1 billion of them) that wants to get a trucking license is a threat (notice, a threat, not a potential threat).

Terrible indeed.

Oh yeah.

The guy even had a sleeper cell on the back of his big rig. His truck was red and tamales con saucers verde were found littered across the highway. He was short and grey with a big head and almond shaped eyes. We are being distracted with bank runs, the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world, and WWIII while shit like this is happening out on Route 18 in the middle of the Mohave.


Christmas Story Director killed by Alien

This red blooded American couple (US Citizens)

had scalded, beaten, over-medicated and failed to give their four year old the medical care that he needed before they killed him, then smashed his face in with a hammer, and buried him in a shallow grave sprinkling him with dog food.



In order for the OP

to have any credibility he/she needs to demonstrate government mandated regulations on the trucking industry, truck drivers, etc. make everyone safe.

Bad behavior has nothing to do with nationality or some fictional arbitrary immigration status ...


The drivers' also have to be legally be able to communicate in English.

I have first hand knowledge of drivers' being sent back to Canada because they could not communicate with the Police.


"Bad behavior has nothing to

"Bad behavior has nothing to do with nationality or some fictional arbitrary immigration status"


Because if there was MASS immigration

presumably we'd have gangs of chinese truckers in some sort of twisted version of death race 2000.

a good point well made - close the borders before this madness gets out of hand!

I am not an advocate of open

I am not an advocate of open borders or mass immigration myself (an issue where I find myself in disagreement with libertarians), but an incident like this makes a lousy case because plenty of native born Americans commit crimes or drive incompetently.

The " Annual" Death Tolls On American Highways Is About 40,000 !

Being a Chinese Citizen has "Nothing" to do with this accident, in my opinion.


It does

to the families of the deceased.


Okay soo

Somehow because he is an immigrant that makes it worse than when joe blow from down the street runs over some people. ok


we're about as divided on open borders/illegal immigration as we are on any issue (except maybe Rand Paul).

I'm certain Ron Paul would say "If a private business wants to hire an undocumented worker to drive their tractor trailers, thats an issue of private contract"

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

Ron Paul

No Citizenship, No Voting, No Benefits.


and for the the driving part...the drivers' have to legally be able to communicate in English and abide by all the trucking regulations.



Someone has downvoted a Ron Paul interview on the Daily Paul and given no upvotes.

A very sad state of affairs. Reap what you sow peeps.

May God have mercy upon us.


When I saw this video and

When I saw this video and heard in the video that accidents happen at this intersection a lot. It shows why you don't put a STOP signal on a HIGHWAY. Terrible idea to slow people down from 60 to complete stop. This is how these accidents happen.

I think this has less to do with mass immigration than it does

with allowing Mexican Trucking companies to operate on US roads (NAFTA).

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche


I'll agree here. I think we should have a better vetting process for sure.

Eric Hoffer

Crime Victims of Illegals

"Family Values Don't Stop at the Rio Bravo"

"Illegal alien charged with luring child leads to illegal labor arrests"

"Another Mexican brothel found in North Carolina"

"Illegal alien raped stepdaughter in front of 7-year-old in South Dakota"

"Illegal alien found guilty of horrific child sexual assault"

"Predatory Aliens"

"Miguel Carrasco
AKA: Migel Carrasco
Occupation: Construction worker
POB: Mexico
Wanted for: Allegedly raping a female victim in front of her four-year-old child and two other minors
Wanted by: FBI
Last Known Residence: Fulton County, Georgia


"Crime Victims of Illegal Aliens"

Victims, Victims, Victims, Victims.. Murdered, Raped, on 'n on..

"Propaganda Watch"

Ok so your saying we have

Ok so your saying we have F**CKED up people in this world? Your making a violence and screwed up people issue about race. I don't think about people in groups because DR. Paul changed my thinking. I do my best to judge people by the action of the individual. I'm sure your a white male like I so should I label you as a mass murderer or serial killer. You do know white men are the most likely mass murderer serial killers? See how your argument isn't on solid ground.

Illegal Aliens

You have misrepresented what was said.. Where did I mention race?

Your preconditioned response\programing and or ignorance has caught you in the cross-hairs. Your own bias has shown through. So what have to gain by supporting the illegal alien invasion? Emotional gratitude?


Bump for freedom



Did you say freedom or collectivistic idiocy?

Eric Hoffer

The comment you posted

The comment you posted mentioned the word Mexican 4 times. That is when you talked about race. I live in border state. I have Mexican friends and two Mexican kids that work for me that were both so called anchor babies. I have no problem with people making a better life and taking a risk. Illegal immigration is a consequence of the welfare state and your after the but only the symptom.


You are politically correct, collect your prize.. and the prize.. "drum roll", you can go sit beside these fine people representing your freedom, "trumpets please", the ones who care about your personal liberty.. Graham, McCain, Bush\Obama and the not so forgotten, Ted Kennedy. And upon claiming the prize you will be awarded with The NAFTA Superhighway Pendant and Token, good for one free-ride to Camp FEMA.. sorry, which camp is not of your choosing.

And, once again, thank you and congrats.

As to "Mexican" being an actual race, well, that is argumentative.

Who did you say that you are working for? Once again, please?

*Lest I forget, Welcome to "The North American Union", Welcome to "The New World Order", so-called. Thank you for your service.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Dick Cheney, thanks you and others members of the organization, as does The Fed and associates. Hilary and Bill Clinton, "Big Daddy Bush" thanks you.. have a good day.