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For All MASS immigration fans - Chinese truck driver whose immigration status is on appeal kills 2 with his 18 Wheeler

A Trucker driver who is a citizen of China slammed into 2 cars waiting at a stop light at 60 mph never stopping crushing them both into the back end of another Semi Truck. The driver, a resident of California and citizen of China was working for a Mexican trucking firm was over his allowable hours for the week according to his log book. He is being charged with manslaughter.

His temporary visitors permit expired and he was appealing his removal from the United States.

And people want mass immigration, these are the kind of things that happen.

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you never did answer my question.



What question? Repeat it and/or point me to it and I will try my best...


Good Find



If only he were a US citizen, a piece of paper would have prevented him from crashing his truck!

Because, we all know that US Citizens never get in automobile accidents!

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I am sure

the families of the deceased have the same view



If he was a US Citizen he would not have been on the road, US trucking firms are highly regulated on their hours. but make exuses my mass immigration friend, the immigration nut jobs are always about excuses.

Why are you here?

You don't think people should be able to travel or work when and where they desire. And you want the government to control how many hours they're allowed to work. The DP is generally about liberty if you have not noticed.

Every thread you start is about your hatred of this ethnic group or that ethnic group.

BTW, 'Aliens' don't get welfare. You need a SS# for that.


Sorry, but this just made me laugh.

No, they're not, I have buddies who work excess hours on the side all the time. Regulations being on the books are a far cry from regulations being enforced.

Eric Hoffer


wow your an expert, Please I am good friends with the person who handles one of the biggest trucking firms in the country.

Their trucks have Satellite systems in cab that tell the drivers when they must go to sleep, if they don't they get fired.


Sure you are. You said it yourself, "One of the biggest trucking firms in the country."

I don't know how this isn't self explanatory, but of course they have that there. Do you know many small time owner operators and trucking firms are out there that don't have devices like this equipped? Big companies have more to lose, and therefore more rules like the above. The majority of trucking firms out there are small time.

Good try though.

Eric Hoffer

i think it's still a little easier

for local drivers to get around that.

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"And people want mass

"And people want mass immigration, these are the kind of things that happen."

Yep, because US Citizen truck drivers never get into accidents....

Oh and

all the Mexicans who are illegal are angels and never rape and kill.

Most of the gangs, violent crime and robberies along all the border states are committed by illegals, my utopian open borders friend.

Look at crime stats, the percentage of US Citizens committing crimes compared to illegals is not even close, Illegals win that prize hand down.


Yeah, his argument was totally, "all illegal aliens do nothing but good and are angels and spend most of their time helping old ladies cross the street." I totally see how you got that from his argument.

Eric Hoffer


it's rumored that because his immigration status was not up to date, he worked for the Mexican company, obviously the could care less.