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911 Dispatcher Helps Deliver Baby Over the Phone (Audio)

A friend just posted this on FB about her friend Hannah.

Here's the Dorchester County Sheriff's page: https://www.facebook.com/DCSOSC

Dispatcher Hannah Jones receives a frantic 911 call from a nervous father, as his wife goes into labor in their home. Hannah keeps cool and calm as she instructs the new parents on how to bring their child into the world.


I'm not sure about their other policing habits, but this dispatcher did pretty well.


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Just called the Sheriff's Dep.

It's 9:40 here in Texas and I figured it would just be an answering machine, but a girl answered. I said "this Hannah Jones girl is awesome," she replies "ha, that's me." So anyways, I am calling her Captain tomorrow, I hope others do the same, she deserves the credit, have YOU ever called 911? I have never talked to a dispatcher like that. 843 832 0301, let show them how the Liberty movement does with phone numbers ;)!

You just got PAULED!

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If Hannah is the one person answering the main phone number plus all the 911 calls, the last thing she needs is a bunch of people calling her.

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Dude are you retarded?

I made it pretty clear that I was not intending on anyone answering when I called, it was surprising she did, I called the sheriffs office not 911 or some non-emergency line or something. The number I posted in the comment is to her Captain, not her, so again, are you stupid or just don't read?

You just got PAULED!


I forwarded your comment to the dispatcher, but I guess she already knew you called! :)

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