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Hey, Preppers: You Will Not Survive Without Food

In fact, you will be eaten alive.

Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Techniques For Rich and Poor by L. Joseph Mountain

Written and Published by a veteran activist for Liberty and well known DailyPaul contributor.


I see nothing but talk about precious metals and guns by preppers. They are by and large lone preppers, they aren't organized in any cohesive group. Their training, if they have any, is not in the context of a group.

They foresee a collapse or breakdown of society in the future, whatever the details, and imagine their preparation as individuals will be adequate.

They picture a future economy in ruins, a shattered state with a collapse of law and order. And in this doomsday scenario, they picture themselves living and acting as individuals, bartering with precious metals, protecting their land and possessions with stores of firearms and ammunition.

This is a pipe dream.

The absolute and immediate reality of any actual collapse would be the immediate ascendance and domination of violent gangs, whether private gangs of the most capable and ruthless criminals, or fragments of the former military and law enforcement apparatus.

Within a short period of time, they would seize everything of any value. No lone individuals could hold out against them, if they weren't part of a well organized group, in which case they would also be just another gang.

If we rule out a restoration of general law and order, the resulting anarchy would be controlled by organized violence, carried out by the largest and most capable gangs.

The morality of it does not matter. That is what would happen.


So what can lone, individual preppers, or small groups of preppers, actually do to survive in the potential breakdown?

The key factors in their mortal durability would be mobility, and access to food. And, lack of conspicuous possessions.

If you're mobile, and don't have visible possession of large stores of property (fuel, weapons, ammo, land, etc.), you will more or less be left alone if you do not engage in aggression or trespassing on gang held territory.

Your key asset will be mobility and access to stores of food. Your mobility will depend on you being far away from any centers of power.

Your access to food will not be from agriculture, but from grazing for edible sources of wild plants, occasional hunting and trapping, and access to large, prepared stores of hidden, preserved food in scattered, spread out locations.

Hidden, long term, durable stores of food are a matter of life and death for a lone prepper, more so than any amount of rifles, pistols, silver, gold, ammo, land, or fuel.

For a lone prepper, all of the above things would be seized in a week by organized groups of better armed, trained, and provisioned killers.

Everything possessed openly in a fixed location would be taken, be it land of any value, precious metals (useless if hidden), guns and ammunition, and fuel.

As an individual with no visible property, you would have a chance of being left alone.

For a lone individual, anything of value would have to be buried or hidden, and you better be a stealthy, quiet and capable individual, able to defend yourself in a pinch without being too aggressive.

Food alone would be of immediate, dire importance to you.

Organized groups, needing to eat, would likely have adequate food supplies on the lands they control, and wouldn't be hunting out lone preppers to find their stores of preserved food.


If you really believe a collapse is coming, you should be more interested in learning about getting food on the move, and storing food in hidden places, than vain hopes of getting by on a fixed locale with some ammo and silver. That is not realistic.

You should obviously also hide and store ammo, weapons, precious metals, etc. but not at the expense of the first priority, an adequate supply of food.

Your first order of business as a prepper is to learn how to be food secure.

You can get much of the technical know-how on this subject from the book Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Techniques, by L. Joseph Mountain, aka 'Smudge Pot.' The book is $3.99.

His real story and real name are told in the book and in interviews he has done for DailyPaul. Anyone here can speak with him for advice and information.

He has a record of unblemished, selfless service to the cause of Liberty, and has written a personal testament, semi-biography, and contribution to the knowledge that may well see many of us through darker times ahead. This is a book you should own and read.

Guys. Don't get caught out with faux prepping.

Don't be a loudmouthed fool who thinks you will get through tough times because you own silver and a gun with some ammo. You will be eaten alive.

The motto for the apocalypse is: Don't be food, store food!

Then you might have a small chance.

Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Techniques For Rich and Poor

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Fair enough.

Mobility and stealth certainly have their own virtues.



Yes, I do believe the food

Yes, I do believe the food aspect could prove even more important than gold or ammo. We need more threads discussing this.