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James Holmes Offers Guilty Plea

James Holmes, accused Aurora theater shooter, is now "offering" a guilty plea.

Gee ... what a shock, huh?

Just as we suspected, they drug him to kingdom come, and then he "suddenly has a change of heart" and pleads guilty.

Same thing happened with the Arizona shooter.

Same thing happened with the Underwear Bomber.

No trial. No evidence. Just drug 'em up ... and they "suddenly have a change of heart" and plead guilty to avoid all that ... due process ... err ... I mean all that "messyness."

About as predictable as it gets when the government is full of corrupt people.


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and in the end

Don't forget the ending.. capital punishment.

i don't think james holmes

i don't think james holmes did it


Truth serum

*cough* Electroshock therapy *cough* I pray for this kid everyday. He's probably going through hell right now.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

I'm not sure anyone

could know without actually experiencing how bad the "correctional" system is today in the "land of the free."

If you think things are bad now - get accused of a crime by STATE and you are already presumed guilty. Due process went out the window many years ago.

Do we ever hear from the guy in the orange jumpsuit? Ever?? I wonder why society allows the media to tell the STATE's side of the story yet the accused never gets a microphone.

I wonder why that is?