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Ron Paul ally Robert Lowry to challenge Rep. Pete Gallego for TEXAS CD23 in 2014

"Lowry is a strict constitutional conservative who showed in 2010 that he appeals to tea party activists and the libertarian wing of the GOP, although he’s probably too innately independent to attach himself completely to any movement.

In 2010, then-U.S. Rep. (and libertarian darling) Ron Paul embraced Lowry’s candidacy, with a from-one-doctor-to-another endorsement. Paul vouched for Lowry’s small-government bona fides by calling him a “Ron Paul guy all the way” and dismissed Canseco (who served one congressional term before Gallego ousted him last November) as a “party parrot” and a “useful idiot.”

Well, at least he gave him credit for being useful."

Here is his web page:

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Great news! I hope folks get

Great news! I hope folks get behind him.