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Rand Paul Endorses Mitch McConnell in 2014 Senate Race, Won't Back Tea Party Challenge

Patrick Howley | March 27, 2013 | Daily Caller

The Daily Caller has learned that Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul is endorsing Sen. Mitch McConnell for re-election in 2014, ending speculation that Paul would back a tea party challenge to the Senate minority leader.

“Rand Paul has endorsed McConnell,” Jesse Benton, McConnell’s 2014 campaign manager, told The Daily Caller.

Benton, who has worked for both Rand Paul and his father, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, is credited by insiders with brokering Paul’s support for McConnell.

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McConnell is bailing on neocons

Adams admitted that Paul’s endorsement of McConnell will not hurt Paul with his tea party base, but said it will rather reflect poorly on McConnell for trying to ingratiate himself with the tea party element through Paul.

The neocons are being surrounded by all things Rand.

How else do you think he got

How else do you think he got so much support from McConnell?????


Nothing Rand does surprises me anymore...

When the GOP says fetch, he plays ball.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard


Ashley Judd is an actress. You know! She is part of the leftist Hollywood group! I think she played in the movie "Double Jeopardy".

She's not running anymore



She will.

Ok I get it Rand is consistant.

First is Betray my father and all his supporters, now ill betray my own teaparty base and support the NWO NEOCON STOOGE Mitch.

Yet the die hard Rand Paul fans just so bad want a Ron Paul type of president that it dont matter what Rand actually does.

These people what a prince and they want to be subjects I guess.

How many times does it take for you all to get it?


ok I get Rand is trying to

ok I get Rand is trying to broker political truce,



Sadly he Dosnt need out money

He has too much party support he will have what his father Didn't .
Coroporate endorsements.
That's how the tree snaps.
This is life and the future belongs to us.
They are loosing control but I am sure even if Rand Dosnt stand for Ron
Ron will always stand with Rand.

I will NEVER support Rand...

after what he did to his own father, who I'm sure is forgiving of it all, but Rand will not see one cent from me.

If he happens to vote on bills in a pro-liberty way, then, fine. I'll be happy for that. But, it'll be like Barney Frank voting against a war. I would never support him based on the same reasoning.

Don't assume!

I think, before you throw Rand under the bus, you might ask Dr Ron Paul how he feels about it!

Never say Never. While I

Never say Never.

While I agree that Rand is no Ron, he would still be FAR better than the vast majoirty of GOP candidates who will run.

You will have names such as Rubio, Christie, Bush, Ryan, (and God forbid) Bachman, Palan, Giluiani, and no matter how you look at it, Rand would be far better than any of these people.

Now, I know most of us would be completely happy to vote 3rd party and to be able to say that you had no part in putting whomever in Office.

But, if Rand really had a chance to pick up the nomination, are you really going to try and deny him of that and instead get one of those GOP goons or worse yet.. another Obama?


I know Rand isn't perfect, but comparing him with the vast majority of candidates over the past few decades -- Rand Paul would be a breath of fresh air in compairison.

Remember, Rand is simply playing the game that he must play in order to actually have a chance.

Give him an opportunity to really prove himself wrong to us rather than writing him off for silly partisian games that he must play.