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Rand Paul Endorses Mitch McConnell in 2014 Senate Race, Won't Back Tea Party Challenge

Patrick Howley | March 27, 2013 | Daily Caller

The Daily Caller has learned that Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul is endorsing Sen. Mitch McConnell for re-election in 2014, ending speculation that Paul would back a tea party challenge to the Senate minority leader.

“Rand Paul has endorsed McConnell,” Jesse Benton, McConnell’s 2014 campaign manager, told The Daily Caller.

Benton, who has worked for both Rand Paul and his father, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, is credited by insiders with brokering Paul’s support for McConnell.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/03/27/rand-paul-helps-squash-tea...

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Rand is reigning in

Rand is reigning in McConnell's vote. That's at least a positive note of us infiltrating them as opposed to vice versa.

So Rand is a sheep in wolf's clothing?

I am wondering how your comment fits your signature.

its ok

It's what needs done to keep him in the GOP for the purposes of running as a serious prez candidate in 2016. Even though I am quite skeptical of the purity and soundness of our election system, and even though I believe economic calamity will hit before 2016, Rand Paul is the United States' last best hope. No, he's not Dr. Ron Paul, but he's the next best thing with a chance of winning and righting this sinking ship. Let him endorse whomever.

Gold. Guns. Girls.

The way I see it

there is one constant were dealing with and that is that the establishment does not want Rand as a candidate for POTUS. Think of Rand as a deer that is being pursued by a pack of wolves that are trying to seperate him from the herd in order to destroy him. So long as he continues to blend in with the herd the establishment wolves can't grab him by the ankles & rip him apart. Now, this being said don't think for a second that there aren't people here on DP as trolls for the sole purpose of seperating him from this herd.

Ron Swanson

I wonder what he got out of that deal?

As long as he's playing politics I sure hope he's really playing politics and getting something out of this deal.


we completely ignore his support and put in someone good. Rand has his cake and eats it too. He gets his political capital for being a team player and supporting Mcconnel and a new colleague to help him combat washington. Sorry Mcconnel and the establishment, at least he tried right? Will of the people and all that. So sorry.

By the way who do we have in place to take on Mcconnel in 2014? Someone mentioned Adams down below?


If a credible aqlternative to McConnel runs, he'll still ahve a good shot at winning the primary without the Rand endorsement. If someone primaries McConnell successfully then Rand will be supporting them fully in the general (if someone is successful that'd mean they are a great canidate capable of actually helping Rand in DC) but idf McConnell isn't primaried then Rand has made the smart choice for his future presidential prospects, and helped to advance liberty. Sometimes the correct choice is not the obvious choice, and sometimes the purist position is not the most tenable.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois

I get it, hes picking those

Vote "romney".....nudge nudge

Vote "macconel".....wink wink

The hell out of

This is crap.

Pardon me for saying so, but this is crap. If true, (and I will wait to see if Rand says so himself or at least someone from his camp) AND if a tea party guy like Adams does run, then in my opinion, we are back to square one.

I mean, think back to 2007 and one person after another thought about backing Paul but deemed he couldn't win so they backed someone else. It was a self-fulfulling prophecy, you idiots!

This makes me mad, if true. Still plan on supporting Rand, but this is just a big load of crap.

Worse than Romney

At least with Romney it was all over but the fat lady singing. Yes, I know we could have launched something from the GOP floor, but it was very unlikely.

This, a pre-emptive strike of endorsements, if true...this borders on insanity.


can't walk into congress and alienate every big playing republican there is....if he did he would be out on a limb all by himself and nothing would be working for him. He's playing politics...that's how its done.

You can use the office...

as a pulpit to proclaim a bold and loud message of Liberty, Peace and Sound Money and create an awakening of millions of hearts and minds.... like Ron did.

But I guess that way is weak and stupid. But then again we wouldn't even know Rand's name and Daily Paul wouldn't exist and the status quo wouldn't be on the run without Ron's way.

Maybe it is Rand's way that sux and Ron's way that is necessary for victory....

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Or maybe

it's both we need. I'll refer you to Doug Wead on the issue......you need people just like Ron Paul....and you also need people who can speak the political language. Do I respect Ron more because of everything he did and the fact he never gave up on any of his principles? Probably...that's what drew me to the guy. That doesn't mean this movement can't use someone like Rand who knows how to play chess with these jackasses.

I think it is clear

That both ways are necessary. If playing the inside game wasn;t important Ron wouldn;t ask us liberty folks to gwet involved with the local GOP and suffer through the meetings to work our way up the ranks. It is important, and Rand knows it just as much as his father did. To put it another way, sometimes it takes a bomb thrower to start a revolution, but it takes a general who knows tactics to lead a revolutionary army to victory.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois

Yes, this is how it's done.

He's doing it to us just like every other politician. I just don't want to bend over and take it.

Would i prefer

Ron over Rand? Hell yes. Would i prefer Rand over a Romney...hell yes.

I think people in this movement think that we're going to go from nothing to having everything all at the same exact instant. Politics doesn't work like that. You maneuver and win the game pieces at a time.

The POTUS Is Hand Picked

Every POTUS since JFK has been selected by the Illuminati and no matter who Rand endorses, he will not become president, unless he joins the Illuminati organization.

I supported RP for president knowing he would never be allowed to win, but he was getting the message out.

Like RP said, we must end the Federal Reserve System. A former illuminati member said we must destroy the Fed, or we are financially doomed. He said this and much,
much more on the radio last night and can be found here.


So you can be a former illuminati member?

I didn't know it worked that way. Why doesn't Rand join then, he can refute them on January 21 2017. I won't mind, it's not like I'll get a chance to not vote them in otherwise....of course this comment supposes you buy into the whole illuminati thing....which I don't really. I do however, believe, that powerful people tend to run in tight circles.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois

I'm going to vote for McConnell

"I'm going to vote for McConnell, but only because Rand endorsed him," said no one ever. Seriously, why do people put so much credence behind these so called endorsements?

Classic Illustration Of...

...politics over principle.

The very concept of standing unwaveringly on principle seems to be anathema to many in this 'so called' liberty-movement.

And so continues the fall of the Republic...

It is indeed a classic

It is indeed a classic illustration of politics over principle. It illustrates that some people are so blinded by politics that they cannot see good principle when it stares them in the face. It illustrates how important politics really are to the people who claim the opposite, for they don't like political moves and will see tyranny, rape, carnage and death continue before conceding that it is in fact just politics.

LIBERTY2ME's picture

If Rand Paul plays the Neocon

If Rand Paul plays the Neocon game, and this can get him the presidency (because who are we kidding, if you are not one of them they WILL keep you out)then maybe...hopefully....when he's president he will change Amaerica back to the constitution and the people. That is my hope. What he learned from his father sticks with him and everything he is doing right now it just to get in so that he can change it the way he wants.
If not, we are all in trouble because there are already so few "good guys" in congress. If we loose him, we are in big trouble.


Rand really does support neocon and zionist philosophies... and the jokes on you.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

LIBERTY2ME's picture

Could be...wouldn't be the

Could be...wouldn't be the first

Not To Worry

McConnell in a political whore. I believe Rand is quite aware of this. Ol' Mitch will say and do whatever he thinks it will take to get reelected. Just look at his new stance on hemp. The ones to really worry about are the Tea Partiers. Although we may have some things in common with them, they are not the Liberty Movement. To a large extent they are warmongering, theocratic statists.

Rand has the Tea Party support. McConnell wants in. I maintain an open mind towards Rand and I find his actions and voting record more endearing all the time.

Let's hope that as Rand draws establishment Republicans towards the Tea Party ideas Tea Partiers will move closer to the principles of the Liberty Movement. It's a process.

To the nay sayers

If Rand endorsed anyone other than McConnell all influence he has in the party is done. End of story.

Rand didn't tell any of us to vote for McConnell. And Rand didn't compromise on his own political views.

How hard some of us worked to earn Ron Paul the presidency. When it came down to it, the average Republican didn't think Ron was one of them and didn't trust him and couldn't vote for him.

Now your asking Rand to go down the same road as his father politically?

Rand is the politician his father wasn't. No he is not Ron he is Rand.

Ron advanced liberty in the ideological sphere. Rand is advancing liberty in the political sphere. The game plans are different because the situation is different.

That is the reality of the situation.

To Each His Own

Thanks for the well-written comment

Many DP'rs are not interested in politics. That is understandable because there is no relationship with politics and the application of nonagression.

Rand has chosen to pursue his vision of expanding the liberty movement by introducing these ideas into the political system. And, so far, he has done more than any other single politician in Washington to disseminate the message into the mainstream. By supporting McConnell, he has access to a powerful opposition force in Washington. Rand is following Ron Paul's lead in supporting all incumbents in his state and he is getting a lot more in return than his father did.

I am supporting all options that can spread the liberty message.

I support liberty seekers who choose to play the political game. And I also support those who are converting voters one at a time by teaching the principles of freedom. Anyone who says that their way to liberty is the only way needs to ask themselves if they believe that the best way to free speech is to suppress the voice of others.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

You act like...

that DP'ers who support politics but want to see Rand endorse someone who proudly and loudly proclaims the message of Liberty, Peace and Sound Money don't exist.

Shame on your revisionism... :\

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Time to Get On To The Right Track

Weebles -

I am sorry that my message is not clear. Let me attempt to clarify.

If you read the comment again, you will see that I said that I support all those who are trying to spread the message.

Instead of trying to sabotage Rand when he uses different tactics than a person might wish, why not just pursue your own tactics?

By the way - just a tip. Correction is good. Name calling is bad.

Name calling is for losers and not the best way to win friends and influence people. Just a tip.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.


"different tactics" = lies, deception and a confused message.

No thanks. I question the judgement and possibly the character of anybody who would get behind such "tactics".

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Maybe we should question the

Maybe we should question the character of someone who veraciously opposes our current best chance by accusing them of being the opposite of what they are.