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Liberty is Dying in West Virginia

Sadly, the current state politics in West Virginia do not reflect the citizenry as a whole. This state is filled with patriots and liberty-minded folks, but the upper levels of the state (governor, majority of delegates) are working hard against parental rights.

The latest attempt? A motion to place on the House Health committee agenda a bill that allows a child's physician to recommend medical exemption for vaccinations. The motion failed, and the state health department and DHHR now have the right (for at least the next year) to decide on the fate of publicly schooled children who may be injured by vaccinations.

Parents and their treating physicians have little-to-no say as of today. WV is only one of two states in the US that do not allow religious and philosophical vaccine exemption (only medical).


UPDATE: For those who think home schooling is a safe haven in WV, please note: "There has been a great deal of questioning regarding whether or not the misdemeanor code in 16-3-4 applies to homeschooled children. I asked this specific question of legal counsel for WV DHHR, she explained that yes it does apply because the code is housed under public health. I have also been present in circuit court when it was stated that indeed it did apply. Furthermore, while streaming the House Health committee meeting yesterday, I heard Delegate Cowles ask this specific question, specifying "even if the child is homeschooled", and legal counsel clearly said YES." Lori Mitchell Lee, state director for the National Vaccine Information Council.

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I've heard

you can get a court order in West Virginia to opt out for religious objection. Never had any personal experience though.


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i guess their plan of

i guess their plan of electing a Rockefeller to senate backfired on them.



Alabama doesn't offer an exemption for philosophical reasons... just medical and religious, and if you try to get a religious exemption they make you jump through all kinds of hoops proving your religion. Even then they usually deny it at least once.

I've actually had a social worker called on me bacause I refused to vaccinate my kids like they recommend you do. I've ended up delaying them until they are about 4 then giving ONLY the ones required to attend school instead of all that are recommended by the CDC. My youngest hasn't had any and since I plan to start unschooling next year she won't be getting any.

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