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Glenn Beck Fails the Libertarian Test on O'Reilly

At the height of the, "Is Glenn Beck a libertarian craze on the dailypaul?" we all, for the most part agreed that Mr. Beck was and is a mainstream neo-con jumping the sinking RINO ship.

A prominent dailypaul member called to Beck to promote a non-interventionist foreign policy, as that would show a lot of us that "Wow maybe Glenn Beck really is trying to learn the values of Libertarianism."

That post can be seen here: http://www.dailypaul.com/275664/glen-beck-can-you-hear-me-no...

But, unfortunately, as you will see in this video, at around the 40 second mark, Glenn responds to a recent news story coming out of Texas regarding an elementary school video teaching kids that the world hates us because of our (foreign)policies. He is still a warmongering statist.

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I give Beck a big amount of slack ...

... if anyone saw his TV show on Fox near the end, he was getting into some subjects -- and naming names -- like nobody else in the Propaganda Media will even come close to touching.

I think Beck is a lost "soul" for a lack of better term. He was an alcoholic, overcame that, and I think he has spent his adult life searching for truth.

Maybe he's a plant, but he acts more like someone who thinks he understands the truth but still has some cognitive dissonance on certain specific issues.

Not a libertarian, but not exactly the heart and mind of a tyrant, either.

Even if he's a complete shill, the fact that at least tens of thousands of people hear what he says and at some point have to wonder, "Hmm ..."

At 2/3 in Beck's really trying to convey some information...

And o'smiley totally cuts him off.

You can see the power play in real time. Wow.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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Beck isn't talking around 40

Beck isn't talking around 40 second mark.. What is Beck saying exactly saying that you object to? he is just talking about school indoctrinating kids in general. They were talking about a teacher who told kids to stomp on jesus..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

no they are also talking

no they are also talking about the video shown to children in texas that said there are people who hate America because our policies affect them. Beck called this "insane."

He is talking about

He is talking about indoctrination -- in general. BTW, that video doesn't advocate one way or another. It just gives two perspetives. I know you are trying to dig deep into something that isn't there.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...