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Could Colt leave Connecticut & Put this entire 24/7 Rabid Hopolophobia to Bed? CEO's OpEd

'Colt' gun manufacturer threatens to abandon Connecticut if the state imposes stricter gun laws

By Hayley Peterson

PUBLISHED: 21:53 EST, 21 March 2013 | UPDATED: 21:54 EST, 21 March 2013

A gun manufacturer has threatened to relocate its headquarters outside Connecticut if the state tightens up its gun laws after the December mass shooting at one of its elementary schools.

Dennis Veilleux, CEO of Colt's Manufacturing Co., which is based in West Hartford, warned that he would take his business elsewhere if Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy doesn't stop pursuing a ban on semiautomatic weapons like the kind Adam Lanza used to kill 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown.

'A ban of the most popular semiautomatic rifle in the United States for what are essentially cosmetic reasons would make no one safer and punish a vital Connecticut industry,' he wrote in an op-ed in the Hartford Courant.

The Colt CEO OpEd, as published in local CT paper, Hartford Courant:

Colt CEO: Ban Would Hurt Iconic Brand

March 18, 2013|OP-ED, The Hartford Courant

As a leader of a Connecticut manufacturing business who answers to owners, I can tell you the one question I am asked regularly, "Why does it make sense to stay or grow here?"

For 175 years, Hartford and Connecticut have been our home. The genius and vision of Samuel Colt built a core of manufacturing excellence that helped make Hartford one of the nation's wealthiest cities and ignited the industrial revolution in the Connecticut River Valley. Amazingly, that heritage continues with a substantial firearms industry and a critical mass of skilled craftsman and machining expertise for aerospace and other precision industries that are the envy of the country.

But this tremendous economic advantage is in grave danger. What's most astounding is our advantage is not being taken away — it's being given away.


My recommendation? Yes, Please!

And Dear Colt, would be nice had you NEVER taken CT taxpayer bailout years ago, which is what CT Gov & Legislature can leverage them with, now.

Be that as it may, given the option, EVERY NorthEast major 2A manufacturers should GTFO of commie NE states, posthaste.

And, shouldn't take any more Fed or State govt subsidies.

Oh right, at least the former would be a bit more difficult, seeing as how Colt's a major corporatist contractor for the Fed Govt's DoD.

Hope both Colt and S&W never forget that American gunowners also never forget; if we boycotted them almost out of existence for playing Patty-Cakes with the govt devils against our natural right of self defense, when the propaganda echo chamber is a gazillion times more against us now, vs the 80's and 90's, hell, perhaps at any time in history? You better believe, we're not afraid to drop the hammer on traitors like a sack of potatoes, and make it a point to nurture more small, agile manufacturers who actually respect their customers, as well as the fundamental universal human natural right of self-defense. It's not as if there are any shortages of reliable AR and AK manufacturers, not to mention pistol manufacturers.

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doesn't sell to the public anyway.