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World's First Global Currency - GlobeCoin

A digital currency that can't be counterfeited, can't be hacked, can't be inflated.

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There already is a globe coin

Like Nancy Grace would say it's called BULL-YAWN.

Just use an image of a gold

Just use an image of a gold coin and suckers will buy into it.

The best global fiat is Somali Shillings!

"F*** Bitcoin, F*** globecoin, buy Somali Shillings!”

Yes, Somali Shillings. A Fully fungible fiat friendly to savers.

A finite resource: The Somalian Central Bank burnt down in 1996, meaning no new Shillings have been printed since then.

Highly Divisible: A brick of 1,000,000 Shillings can be divided into 1,000 notes, each can be torn into a thousand pieces.

Secure privacy. All bricks of Somali Shillings have thousands of fingerprints on them, making trackability impossible.

Personal security, too. If you're down in the market and a gun battle erupts between warlord factions, dive behind pallets of Shillings and you'll be safe from bullets or shrapnel.

Storable wealth: Build a house with bricks of Shillings, paint the edges with quality exterior paint. Nobody will ever know your walls are your life-savings.

Transportable wealth: All you need is a wheelbarrow. Or a donkey. Somalia has no frontiers, so international transit is not a problem.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Sounds like a terrible idea,

Sounds like a terrible idea, but I think we can give it wings with great advertising and some grassroots action.

Southern Agrarian

Globecoin's currency notes

Globecoin's currency notes will be made of dirt and their value will be determined by an agency at the point of sale.

Southern Agrarian