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Solution to the Authority Hoax

“Complicated” is a characteristic of either those who do not “know” or explanations by those who do not want us to “know”. “Simple” is always gentler, smoother, and more concise; ergo, more accurate.

Think of all the subjects which we consider to be complicated; rather, that we were told are complicated: medicine, law, religion, politics, banking, etc. Do we really need to know them? Do we even want them in our lives? They were designed for the purpose of controlling us, yet, we can be controlled only if we defer to those who claim to be able to interpret them and “simplify” them for us. From where did they get their information which allows them to know how to simplify complicated disciplines? Now, that’s a facer, isn’t it? It came from the “authorities” who told them that these subjects were complicated and needed interpretation by someone “in authority”. This is tantamount to “teachers teaching teachers teaching teachers.”

In other words, we were deliberately set-up to believe that there are things we must know, yet, can’t possibly know, unless some “authority” explains it all to us. So, those of us who fell for this “authority hoax” seek out doctors, attorneys, bankers, priests, etc. in order to tell us how to run our lives because all we know are the simple aspects of life: health, love, kindness, doing what we love to do and serving our fellow man whilst doing so. There is nothing complicated about those concepts. So, we have been invited to be dependent upon those who claim to know more about something about which we neither need nor want. Also, it evidences that we are continually being conned into believing the main myth – that we are separate; not only separate but also not equal to one another. Weren’t we all born “equal”?

Since I have already exposed the societal weapons of propaganda and control (medicine, law, religion, schooling, etc.), let’s take a look at the original, deliberate deception.

For years, I refused to use the Bible for legal purposes (or for any purpose) because I knew it had been so tampered with, re-written, and altered to suit the agenda of those in control. I continued to hear, “But it is THEIR law book.” I would respond, “Yes, it is THEIR law book, NOT mine.” I knew the entire book was propaganda, fiction and, therefore, inaccurate because it applied to “them”. It had nothing to do with me and I wasn’t about to compromise my integrity by shoving it in their faces any more than I would bring their statutes, laws, etc. to them, in order to support my position. None of it had anything to do with my principles. Why would I make use of or refer to anything that isn’t the “truth”?

Note that both “the law” and the entire Bible (except for the first chapter –1.5 pages) are very complicated. The alleged leaders of all religions and all law societies do their best to have us believe that we must go to them for interpretation. Both “Law” and the Bible, apparently, are not understandable by people like us. The simple truth, of both these, is that true “Law” and the “word of God” are both extremely simple, straight-forward, and easy to comprehend for all of us. Those whose intent it is to complicate both “law” and “the word of God” are doing so for their own gain. All lawyers, judges, priests, ministers, rabbis, popes, etc. are in the racket of “professing to know what’s true”, strictly for profit, not for prophet. Their intent is to keep everything a big mystery, to be understood by only them and, hence, we must go to them for council. This egotistical nonsense is the biggest tip-off that whatever so-called ‘truth’ they have to tell us is, indeed, false.


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