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James Holmes to plead guilty to avoid death penalty. Plead guilty or die. - Too many questions remain!

James Holmes to plead guilty to avoid death penalty. Plead guilty or die. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/9...

The James Holmes Conspiracy.

"Holmes supposedly had this planned out to a tee. Then, when done, just went out to surrender to cops with no weapons in his hands. No getaway plan. He had no problem killing little kids in the theater (He shot a six-year-old five times), but not one shot was fired at cops. Also the cops said he was dazed and out of it when apprehending him (standing beside his car in full combat gear, just waiting, gun on top of the car, gear scattered around on the ground).

He booby trapped his entire apartment. And this wasn’t your ordinary pipe bombs and 4th of July sparklers, this was state of the art explosives on par or above military grade technology. Once Holmes was in custody, he told the police immediately his house was booby trapped. WHY? Why go through all the highly sophisticated trouble to kill, and then without even being interrogated, tell the police this information?

His dad created FICO and highly sophisticated algorithms for Wall Street and LIBOR. He was just getting ready to testify against the people in charge of what most people are calling the biggest fraud in American history. He never testified after his son was arrested. Read: LIBOR Scandal

An accomplice was seen with Holmes according to eye witnesses in and outside the theater. The cops found a second gas mask away from Holmes’ car used by someone else. Smoke bombs came in after Holmes entered the theater from behind him or the side according to eye witnesses. If Holmes was under some kind of mind control such as Hypnosis, MK Ultra or a drug like Scopolamine he would still need a handler to tell him what to do. This is what an accomplice in a situation like this would be used for.

So what is the motive? Who would do all this and why?

1. Gun control. If there is something more to all of this, whoever set James Holmes up is winning with gun control news.

2. Biggest financial scandal in history – the LIBOR scandal. The dad would have not been good to have at these hearings. He ended up not being at the hearings because of this tragic event.

3. As goes with the LIBOR scandal so does the biggest banks and the Federal Reserve.

4. The testing of mind control by the government or other agencies. They have been doing this for the past sixty-years and has been featured in such movies as The Manchurian Candidate.

The people responsible for this must be held accountable. If it is found that James Holmes acted alone, then he deserves everything coming to him. But if he was just some pawn that could be moved off the board, the people that are the true culprits must be brought to justice." Read more.. http://superofficialnews.com/was-james-holmes-the-only-shoot...

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Still not so sure Libor connection debunked.

This is about Holmes and Lanza's Father

Read more http://realnewsworldwide.com/2013/01/03/update-ct-school-sho...

"The links between the fathers of these shooters and the financial industry are clear. That these men would have access to relevant information to the LIBOR scandal and that in the case of Robert Holmes that he would be instrumental in catching the fraud is clear.

These are men that are not implicated as perpetrators of the rate manipulations, rather, they are the men who can provide the evidence that these manipulations are taking place.

Holmes is the man who literally wrote the algorithm that detects such fraud, he is the leading expert in the world in this subject matter, and Lanza is a man with access to revenue records that will show just how much was gained through the manipulations of credit rates."

The LIBOR connection was debunked, but...

there were a few things missing from this piece:
1. Because the shooter was, according to those in the theater, wearing a long coat, hat and full-face gas mask, NO ONE can be positive that James was one of the shooters.
2. In the arresting police report, why was there no mention of the flaming orange hair that James was sporting in his arraignment hearing 3 days after his arrest? Wouldn't you think the cops would have noticed his bright hair color behind the theater?
3. Of the 12 killed in the theater, several (I can't recall the exact number) were involved in Naval Intelligence and were all working on a cyber warfare program. None were armed. Coincidence?
4. If he's just a crazed psycho, why did he not follow the herd out into the lobby to maximize his body-count before putting a pistol under his chin...like the most-common scenerio?
Just like Sandy Hook, Ft. Hood, the Giffords shooting...this whole story stinks like week-old road kill.
I keep going back to Fort Hood and Major Hassan...whatever happened to the original 9-1-1 recordings from the base that described multiple shooters on rooftops?

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Thanks for the heads up.

I will continue to research the Holmes-Libor connection keeping in mind that it would be to the advantage of those involved in Libor to label the connection a hoax.

Also asking others to post comments on this topic.

They have no case even without the Libor connection.

No way this one was going to trial

Even more than the CT hoax, this case would've been so flimsy it would've been laughed out of court. No way could they have gotten a conviction. Is there a single person who walked out that theater talking about a crazy guy with orange hair? Not that I saw.

This is a set up. Holmes has been framed.

I feel sorry for James Holmes and his parents. The Libor scandal is probably the motive. Silence his witness father.

On the merits of the case itself

Not sure about the libor connection. Regardless, no eyewitnesses, contradictory (at best) photo evidence, no motive, very questionable technical and financial means, and obvious heavy medication. If a defense were given the power of discovery, this case would've completely fallen apart.

They have no case.

It is suspicious even without the Libor connection.