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United States support of rebels in Syria is directly benefiting "Associated Force" allied with Al-Qaeda.

We are fighting a supposed "War OF terror" in which we have been told that Al-Qaeda is our mortal enemy. Based on the horrid NDAA, if any American even accidently came into contact with an "associated force" of Al-Qaeda we could be disappeared without charges, trail, or access to legal representation. We could be tortured too. So, on WHAT AUTHORITY does the US Government have to spend taxpayer money to support a fighting force with DIRECT TIES to Al-Qaeda? Our so called leaders should be disappeared and/or put in prison...but NO, in this INSANE world we live in, Bradley Manning sits in the hole and the psychopaths who have usurped our government, murder and pillage non-stop while ARMING THE ENEMY and they all remain free. Its CRIMINAL!

BREAKING: U.S. backed Syrian Rebel Group supported by Al-Qaeda Affiliates

According to Reuters and A.P. field reports and the New York Times, the United States support of rebels in Syria is directly benefitting the Al Nusra Front, which is allied with Al-Qaeda.

In fact, Al Nusra has become the de facto leaders of the entire rebel movement, international news media accounts indicate. Moaaz Al-Khateeb, the US designated leader of the Syrian opposition groups has said the US made a “grave mistake” listing Al-Nusra as a terrorist group. He called the jihadis the backbone of the rebellion.

Social media updates streaming in from Syrian youth reporters, confirm the atrocities being perpetrated against the Syrian civilian population by jihadis. The American situation in Syria and indeed the entire region has turned into a dangerous conundrum, or worse.

According to White House correspondent, Neil Munroe; ”[It’s] a risky policy, because the administration has inadvertently helped jihadi-allied Islamist groups gain weapons and power in Libya, Egypt and Mali.”

It is further reported in an Arab news agency that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia released jihadi prisoners arrested for attacks within the Kingdom, offering clemency if they direct their jihad against Syria.