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Pro Texas Group Denied Place At San Jacinto Anniversary Because They are Too Political

The Texas Nationalist Movement was nixed from having a booth at the San Jacinto Battlefield by Organizers pressured by Texas Wildlife and Parks Department because they were too political. This is on state property payed for by the taxpayers. The state cannot selectively enforce who has the right to free speech or not based on who is too political or politically correct. I hope members of TNM start suing the Texas Wildlife and Parks Department for discrimination. All speech should be protected if we disagree with it or not. The first amendment like any other law is not to be selectively enforced. Political speech is protected speech regardless of political persuasion. Do you agree?

read about the story at this link:

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Oh The Irony

I don't know anythign about the Texas Nationalist Movement, however, I have to think base don the name, that they are in favor of an independent Texas or something of that sort. So, for a group which espouses such views to be barred from the site where Texas did in fact become independent holds a supreme bit of irony.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois

I joined their facebook page and decided to leave it fast.

They have many of the same views we do, but I was troubled by lots of racist comments and memes and violent memes. They make our movement look like what the SPLC say we are.