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Alnet article - "Corporations Are Robbing Us Of Our Right to a Fair Trial" Interesting read on arbitration, thought i'd share

A few snippets

"Being wronged by a corporation is painful enough, but just try getting your day in court. Most Americans don't realize it, but our Seventh Amendment right to a fair jury trial against corporate wrongdoers has quietly been stripped from us. Instead, we are now shunted into a stacked-deck game called "Binding Mandatory Arbitration." Proponents of the process hail it as superior to the courts — "faster, cheaper and more efficient!" they exclaim. "

— Unlike courts, arbitration is not a public system, but a private business.

— Far from being neutral, "the third-party" arbitration firms are — get this! — usually hand-picked by the corporation involved in the case, chosen specifically because they have proven records of favoring the corporation.

- The corporation also gets to choose the city or town where the case is heard, allowing it to make the case inconvenient, expensive and unfair to individuals bringing a complaint.

— Arbitrators are not required to know the law relevant to the cases they judge or follow legal precedents.

— Normal procedural rules for gathering and sharing evidence and safeguarding fairness to both parties do not apply in arbitration cases.

— Arbitration proceedings are closed to the media and the public.


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Congress and their cronies.

Congress created a banking cartel with monopoly control of the money supply.

Banks join the cartel by purchasing stock from the US Treasury. The Comptroller of the Currency keeps a record of who pays in reserves and issues stock.

Congress guarantees Reserve members 6% profit on paid in reserves after expenses. Reserve members spare no expenses.

Any profits above 6% are paid to the US Treasury as a franchise tax.

Bankers lobby Congress so Congress know what legislation will maximize the franchise tax paid. For example, arbitration regulations that favored banking would be good for the US and keep the Treasury healthy.

The Federal Reserve is a baby of Congress. It is not likely that Congress will begin biting the hand that feeds it after 99 years of happy service.

Bankers, Congress and the Press all colluding to steal our birthright.

Free includes debt-free!