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heres an idea

ok this is just an idea.
say i buy 100 shares of intrade stock for ron paul at 2.5 to win. then i go knocking on doors in my small town, i hand out literature and a dvd. tell them to look it over and if they like what they see i will give them 1 share to put a ron paul sign in the front yard and if ron paul wins the election they will win $75.00 and a free country without income taxes or a war to worry about.its normally $100 and i say $75 because i'm sure i'll have to pay taxes after i collect the winnings and distibute it. it will cost them nothing and it will get them excited enough to tell others about ron paul and they may even donate to make sure he wins! its a free bet for ron paul. would this be legal? it would definately work if it is. just imagine 100 signs of ron paul in a town of about 2000 people. that would get the rest of the town very curious about him and anyone from outside of town who drove through would be like wow ron paul is pretty big in this town aint he? come primary time the ballot box would be full of ron paul votes in that town. i know it would work but is it legal? the front runners wouldnt be able to do it because their shares are too much.lol

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well it was just an idea

guess i'll go back in the cellar now