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American Hero Fund Site Offline at Midnight 4/10 - Server Expiration

Website Shut-Down Update 4/9:
I was not able to raise the $300 we needed to get this site going. The server I have at Godaddy is expiring tonight at midnight (4/10). If you would like to see me continue to implement the intent of this site we need $90 by midnight. If you don't have the cash but don't want to see the site go down please bump, comment, tweet, etc... perhaps even a reference about me if you're one of the ones I've spoken extensively with who comprehends what my goals are and how I think the liberty movement would be exponentially more effective if we adopted a few of those goals.

I've decided NOT to move to a free server because to be honest - I'm not interested in the aggravation of having to deal with a server that doesn't have everything I need. So AmericanHeroFund and a few other sites will no longer be available due to - I guess my lack of personality. I'm not a crowd pleaser. I'm a researcher, I'm impatient and the learning curve from me to most people is downright annoying. I do my best to cut through the BS and give you the blunt honest truth regardless of how you're going to feel towards the messenger for delivering it.

It's really too bad these politicians don't tell you the truth instead of everything you want to hear. If that was so you'd probably be forking over money towards these goals to put these sociopaths out of business! Keep in mind that not only do I do my best to tell you the truth - I also don't leave you hanging by offering a solution once you get done digesting that truth and find it unsettling.

We're so used to throwing people out if they do us wrong. I'm just as guilty of it as anyone else. It's incredibly self-destructive don't you think? Hopefully we'll figure a way out of this mess that has nothing to do with 2016 or some political candidate (other than a sheriff).
end update

This topic is a follow up to this post.

For those of you who know a bit about my lifestyle, I do not generate more than an average of $100/month in commercial activity (and it would be GREAT if everyone could set this goal) so $300 in one shot is a hurdle. I'd love to find a way to barter internet services and programming support online. If you have ideas, let us know.

Most of my trade is done in barter without FED notes. If you would like more information about reducing your "economic footprint" to get out into the main stream which combats the finance of tyranny, AmericanHeroFund.Com is an effort that needs your support.

One of the things we're most committed to is DE-FUNDING the problem, and being active and EFFECTIVE in the solutions. These solutions MUST increase our level of Liberty measurably or why are we bothering to invest our blood, sweat and tears (in the form of CASH)?

Bottom line: We need $300 $275 $260. Thanks to those who donated... and thanks in advance if you can help get the remainder of this fundraiser out of the way so we can focus on the work.

I'm committed to raising the $300 - even if it needs to come out of my own pocket. If you all could pitch in here I'd appreciate it. 5 or ten bucks even helps. We're all either broke or going broke. We have to keep each other going when we have the means to (there's like $13 in the account - so drop in $10 - it's what I do).

AmericanHeroFund.com started on the premise we were going to be encouraging whistleblowers to come forward and has taken on a life of it's own. We're also going to be promoting a few different types of activism, not just pledges for whistleblowers.

1) Sheriff education and support (for REAL constitutional sheriffs).

2) Neighbor support (be a witness to tyranny in the courtroom).

3) General mission planning and forum for organizing activist activities.

When people think "action" we'd like them to think "americanherofund." While watching all these political candidates and other media celebs get hundreds of thousands... or even millions of dollars, I'd like to demonstrate what we can do with just three hundred bucks.

Here's what we need: My server at godaddy can't be upgraded to what we need without raising the cost. I was getting towards renewal time so I went over to westhost and cut a very good deal with them. For $99 for the year we have everything we need and I've used them before. They have great service and support.

A friend is helping me do programming on the site and if I can raise $200 for food for the month for him so he can just code away with no worries we should be able to finish getting the pledge system set up and then start working on another item that we are hoping will be able to fund a lot of independent journalists in the movement.

Looks like chip-in is defunct now so if you do donate please indicate in the comments below what you put in... not trying to get rich we're just trying to get expenses for next month and the yearly server fee covered.

Paypal email is vinceableworld at yahoo dot com. This is the first time I've ever asked DP to chip-in with any of my efforts financially. To be honest I didn't want to ask however the benefit outweighs my pride in not wanting to beg for money.

You can also donate bitcoin at the following address:

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still not there yet...

Donation expenditures:

20 to Sean for food.
13.17 for domain (oakrootsclub.com)

AHF Bal: 6.83

7 days till potential server re-up ($99) - we are currently researching some free options however would really like to be able to have a professional set-up and be able to expand without having to move in a few months. A one time $99 saves a few days worth of work changing over later.

I consider Oak Roots Club to be a CORE of the drive for what we're going to accomplish. I just opened a basecamp today - used this 4 years ago... it is AWESOME (for online collaboration). It's $20/month but it's free for 60 days.

I believe you can post quite a few different projects so we can have American Hero Fund programming department, Oak Roots Club minutes/rules - so on and so fourth. Now looking for people to collaborate with :) Shoot me a line...

Vince, is there

a physical address or a way to use paypal without an account? I don't have an account.

You mean where I sleep at night?

lol... Yeah I'll get you that via PM - if anyone else wants that info give me a shout via PM.

Note: Since they are just picking people up off the street for psyche evals it's probably not smart for any liberty activist to have the "government" know where they sleep.

...this is some crazy chit people. Crazy crazy... and they call people like me crazy!

My excuse is I woke up in a crazy world and never got sane.

Just an address to send money, please.

I've talked to some women who said you had slept with them at their homes on different occasions, and man, I can tell on which nights you had had a few too many. By the way, they all said they didn't understand, cause you swore you loved them.

I guess this proves

I'm not that much of a politician huh? lol Come on folks if you want us to do all the work organizing these pledge drives we need just this small amount of support. Just help us get started please - thanks :)

$15 sent

Sorry I couldn't do more, Vince. We got hit hard by the IRS this year, so the last couple months have been tight :(

I'm reaching up and reaching out.
I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me.
And following our will and wind we may just go where no one's been.
We'll ride the spiral to the end and may just go where no one's been.
Spiral out.

Thank you so much Richelle :)

Every little bit helps... will update the total :)

$25 from me and Revolution Car Badges!

It's not much, but I hope it helps you reach your goal.

Thanks for stepping up Vince!


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Same you to Rob

Tell you what do up a 160 x 40 image and I'll put it on the site as one of our sponsors. For everyone else $25 gets you a plug for three months on the website (possibly more). We'll post 4-5 at a time and possibly rotate them if more would like to contribute this way.