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Computer Fraud And Abuse Act 2013 / US officials warn of Al Qaeda cyber attack

IB Times: The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was originally introduced in 1984 to reduce the cracking of computer systems owned by financial institutions and the government; nearly 30 years and seven amendments later, the law is regarded by many lawyers and academics as overly “expansive” and “sweeping,” as it lets the government incarcerate “any Internet user they want,” according to former federal prosecutor Orin Kerr.

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Washington Times: U.S. national security officials are warning that jihadists are planning a major cyberattack against vital infrastructure soon.

The alert was sent following a report on a jihadist website Monday by two groups that announced in Arabic an “Open Invitation for All Hackers to Participate in ‘Operation Black Summer’ To Target U.S. Vital Services.”

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The Base doesn't scare me,

The Base doesn't scare me, but the CIA does. Sorry, I don't speak Arabic.

My God...

Does this mean Alciada is going to jump through my computer screen now? Please government save me!

Or are they implying that Alciada could hurt us finanancially? I couldn't imagine anyone or anything hurting Americans more financially than our own federal policies.

These guys BS is just too obvious. Are there really people out there who still believe a single word from these corporate networks controlled by the crooks raping our nation?

Wake the F up America, it is on record: Our own CIA created alqaeda, controls them to this day and plays out massive psyops using staged events and controlled media.

It Means

It means the US government is going to shutdown the internet for a prolonged period of time, and will blame the event on terrorists. During the downtime, they will be able to hopelessly contaminate the encryption chain on which Bitcoin relies. Furthermore, it will provide them the justification to enact laws that will cripple on-line free-speech.

Make my day. Shut it down.

Make my day. Shut it down. Watch Google $800 stock price drop to zero overnight.

I'm gonna hold you to that.

I'm gonna hold you to that. Have a time frame or can I just revisit this in a year?

At any rate, 'corrupt the encryption chain that bitcoin uses' is a scifi thing. It doesn't make any real sense.


I seriously couldn't feel less threatened than Al Qaeda Online makes me feel.


I was just getting brave enough to sneak a peek outside. I better curl up in a fetal position and crawl back under my bed. Mommy Mommy :-P

It's always amazing to me that...

they know of these imminent attacks and yet with all the increase in security those very attacks commence and are called our before they commence...insiders anyone?! Government involvement anyone?!

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

Bunch of Bull

Al Qaeda has a network of geeks that can carry out a major cyber attack? I seriously doubt it, unless they have a tremendous amount of help from the Chinese or our own covert side that is aiding Al Qaeda. If they do anything, I am sure we will be aware of it ahead of time and will let it happen just as an excuse to clamp down on the Internet.

The Chinese

are the real threat to our network. They always pull crap that we have to deal with in the AF.


Since Al Qaeda is made up and really doesn't exist, I am going to assume our own Government is actually committing the fraud.

Translation, we're planing

Translation, we're planing to do something people are'nt gonna be happy with..........so we need to mould your mind beforehand to the idea of it being a, good thing..........honest to god, hand on heart, ......... good thing........pinky swear.

Instead of building walls around the settlement, you know, defensive measures, we will instead search every house, you know, offensive measures........invasion of privacy will have to be the comprimise if we want to save the children.........

Room full of people
Career politician
"Dont you want to save the children?"......(smug)

"Yes, none the less, you first, ..........after all, ............"think of the children"....(sarcasm)

So the CIA is

creating a false flag cyber attack ??

Ron Swanson

Some one is. Cyber scare.. follow the money

My son worked for banks in the 1980's they have secure lines and still do. don't need the internet..
The internet is for information, anything else is a bonus.
The "elite powers that be money interests hidden governments" have the most to lose from the truth and that is what the internet should be used for truth and info.

Let me say this anyone that has made a business model out of public internet only should think about there risk ratio.. and maybe get a clue if the company can't run with out the public internet?
think about who is making the money off this or who doesn't want you to be able to share the truth

cyber scares are just like WMD "weapons of mass destruction intended to scare that's all"

The fear equals more taxes and less honesty from the powers want to hide from the truth.. and with the Bradly Manning/whistle-blower prosecutions you don't have to look to far to figure out who wants the truth stopped.
Normally you just look for who is stealing or killing!

Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
What is fraud except creating “value” from nothing and passing it off as something?

More government lies.

Don't trust them, don't believe them, don't take anything from them.

Free includes debt-free!




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