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Jim Carrey Backlash on eBay for His Anti-Gun Video Mysteriously Disappears

UPDATED: An eBay user who was selling an autographed photo of the actor and promising to buy a gun with the money sparked a mini-trend, though the auction site appears to have put an end to the movement.

A clever eBay user started a trend: selling Jim Carrey paraphernalia by advertising that proceeds for the sale will be used to purchase a gun. The phenomenon started when an eBay user going by the name of “astrobuzz” listed a “Jim Carrey Autographed 8X10 Photo So I Can Afford a Gun!”

The listing, explained the user, was in response to Carrey’s Funny or Die video in which he disparages gun owners, Second Amendment advocates and deceased Oscar winning-actor Charlton Heston, who once headed the NRA.
The item for sale is a black-and-white photo of Carrey with the inscription, “Spank you very much!” and is an autographed reprint. While identical items on eBay sell for about $8 and rarely attract more than a couple of bids, astrobuzz had attracted a hefty 103 bidders who by Wednesday afternoon had driven the price up to $860.

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I never use eBay

They are terrible to deal with.

Just a petty dumb move by

Just a petty dumb move by ebay (that I'm not too fond of anyway) for making them change their descriptions and take out 'gun'. You can sell gun parts, gun accessories, and gun storage and safety items, but these people can't say they are going to buy a gun with the proceeds of their sale. They're going to get ridiculous with this anti-gun propaganda I have a feeling.