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Liberals are much better

I completely disagree both about NJ and the liberal point. A liberal girl is much smarter, and it makes for more interesting debate. For example, I dated a girl whose aunt worked at the Federal reserve and (totally true story) I got a tour of the fed. She is pretty smart, and no bad feelings. It also helps that her family was super nice. On balance, liberals are far preferable. It was also nice that she was an atheist (I am one too).


Is a whole different story. I would prefer a Christian but honestly I really would not care. It wouldn't bother me If she was an atheist. As long as she doesn't go making fun of me all the time for what I believe in than it is all good.


Not the ones I met. New Jersey is filled with liberals too and none of them seem to know what they are talking about. All they want is more Government. But like I said, it has been the ones I dated and been surrounded with all my life. Liberals. I have dated a conservative lady that ended up joining the army and that was the best one. But I disagree in having some one different. I would love to date a Libertarian. Finally some one who agrees with me, because it seems like I been arguing with people all my life.


I'm sorry, but I have yet to meet a single liberal woman with an iota of intelligence. They've generally been of a similarly ditsy demeanor as your typical space-case Pentecostal chick, or are possessed of a massive superiority complex due to a lot of feminist programming.

Then again, people tend to gravitate towards others with similar values, so the whole "atheist" thing is probably sufficient for what you are looking for. I would simply contest the notion that this alone merits a woman being intelligent. Far from it.

“My attitude toward progress has passed from antagonism to boredom. I have long ceased to argue with people who prefer Thursday to Wednesday because it is Thursday.” - G.K. Chesterton

I would go find me a girl in college


If I was you I would search for someone that is into history or studying constitutional law. I find most of the people I meet are boring. I've met a couple of libertarians at my college, but they really are kind of weird. I'm like do I sound that weird. Maybe I do. HAHA

People change. You changed, I

People change. You changed, I changed, most of us here at the DP were former liberals/conservatives. The thing that we all have in common is that we woke up. Just because a girl is a liberal/conservative doesn't mean she's no good. Change her thought process. You should be working to wake people up anyway, why not do it with a girl you like as well. I "woke up" before my wife did, and all I had to do was talk to her and make rational arguments, not shoving it down her throat. You present information and they make they change.

All that to say, don't throw a girl out just because she's not a libertarian, there's greater things in life that are more important to focus on.

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but didn't we answer this question

The answer is simple, any man can successfully court any woman. Your title is a moot point.


What state do you live in? Your previous topic talking about making minimum wage in the service industry has got me thinking. What would you do for work if you didn't work in the service industry?

I honestly felt like you a few years ago around 2007. I was laid off from my job. I was hopelessly single and drowning in debt. I have a weed charge on my record and never got second interviews after the background check even though I'm a qualified programmer and a network engineer. I was drowning myself in alcohol and food. I was on the path to foreclosure on my house. I came out of a blackout one morning so disgusted with myself I was either going to commit suicide or change everything I didn't like about my life. I decided to change,. Killing myself would have been easier. My sponsor wouldn't let me live in self pity and every time I started bitching he would ask how I was actively changing my life for the better.

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Look at everyone as an indiviudal

Don't look at people as a collective group. "Liberal ones," "Conservative ones," "Libertarians ones." That is demeaning to them as individuals. It blinds you to all of her beauty and uniqueness.

Remember, first and foremost, we are all individuals.

Like many people on this thread, I would say put politics aside. Look for people who share your interests. What hobbies and activities do you enjoy, besides politics? Shared interests are a good place to start, and keep an open mind.

Good luck man! It is hard to find a good one, especially for oddballs like us. But don't worry, she is out there, somewhere, waiting for you to find her!

The Door Test

“...taxes are not raised to carry on wars, but that wars are raised to carry on taxes”
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man

great point...

And you beat me to it.

Although I disagree with the post. Most of my girlfriends have been conservative and the biggest freaks! I found the liberal ones too prudish...

Just goes to show that everyone is on the same path but has different experiences.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Are you working for ""

Mich~ael, You Missed Your Calling...What you say make good sense..

Hey, you might make a ton of dough matching men and women for long term relationships or even marriage..

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Men in general barely understand Women and you expect Women to understand your Political Philosophy? The last thing I talk to women about is Politics. Girls have a lot of value to offer. They are suppose to be your Romantic Partner you can have a relationship with. She should stand with you regardless of your political philosophy not because she loves them, but because she loves you. If anything, red flags should rise when a girl is too political.

Do yourself a Favor; drop the politics with women and just enjoy expressing your affection and who you are. In time you'll find one who is a libertarian and doesn't know it yet.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

ryno.t1985 from your screen

ryno.t1985 from your screen name your a few years younger then me. As a few other people pointed out living with your parents is not a strong attractive feature in a man. Even having a modest clean apartment shows a women you can pay bills and clean a place up. If you can't pay for a modest clean apartment it may be time to find a new line of work. Also I cannot stress how much being healthy, clean cut n shaven and well dressed goes with the ladies. If you care about "you" that special lady will care about you. Some girls care about pure looks and we can skip them because they will end up alone in the end. Women care so little about politics for the most part and so much about if you can take care of them and in this day and age be an equal. The people who say don't look I think are giving out bad advise. I think going and dating and exploring is the only way to find out what you like.

Also I have looked at your old posts about your service job. My father has warned me about hyper inflation from the time I was about 5 years old. They have destroyed the money supply but not like zimbabwee yet. If you live your life prepping for something that may or may not happen then life will pass you by.

Why don't you flip stuff from craigslist onto Ebay to make money? I flip smartphones onto eBay and will easily clear 100k from flipping this year. I still run my gadget repair business full time during the day so it wouldn't be hard for a service employee to find the extra time.

I have a job and that's all

I have a job and that's all that matters. You do know that the economy is bad, and going back to school to start over and rack up more debt is not worth it. I have more money saved up than most Americans by living at home. Most kids today my age and younger are moving back in with their parents. It's going to happen with everyone soon when the economy gets worse and inflation hits.

Get a nest.

If you are living at home with your parents that tells some women this:

1. You can't take care of yourself- how could you take care of her?
2. You are too tight and take advantage of your parents good will.
3. She may have to compete with mama.

Not telling you to go into debt. But getting into a serious relationship should wait until you have a place of your own- even if it is a mere shack you've built yourself.

I agree racking up debt to be

I agree racking up debt to be fake educated is not worth it. I also do not come from a family great wealth. I payed back my student loans grudging like everyone else. I have come to the understanding I will never "make" it working a job for some one else. I have added to my original comment.

From my understanding, most

From my understanding, most children in countries other than the US live with their parents until their able to comfortably afford a place of their own, not necessarily having to leave at 18 years old, or what have you. Don't sweat it.

That's what I'm doing. Makes

That's what I'm doing. Makes more sense to me to save up for a house, rather than blowing it all on rent on an apartment you don't own. I have seen some of my friends do this now they are screwed, have no money, no job, and now back living with their parents.

depends on the individual

It's not as simple as saying "women of (x) political persuasion are attracted to (y) men of political persuasion (z)."

I'm gonna be blunt for a second and note that this is like, the third or fourth time I've seen you make a thread where you mention wanting a girlfriend. You said it yourself in another thread you made that some girl you liked wasn't interested in you when she found out you lived at home.

Hint, hint...

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What's wrong with living at

What's wrong with living at home? I don't understand the taboo. I'm saving money by doing it.

As a "libertarian" woman,

I'm attracted to independence and self-reliance. Strength and integrity. You may very well be all those things...but, living at home? Sorry, not attractive at all. Living with your parents conveys dependance and maybe even a little laziness. I'm sure you're a nice guy...this comment is meant to be constructive:)

I share the house

With my step dad and help pay the bills. I work 2 jobs and go to college. If I owned a house, I would have a hard time paying for my college. Living with my step father helped me a lot. I got an education, a reliable bank account and I date all the time. It never seemed to be a problem but then again, I never talked about it. Women don't break up with me. I break up with them.

ryno, I'll try to give you a

ryno, I'll try to give you a bit of the woman's perspective on this living-with-mom-and-dad business. This is not a perspective based on looking at research, just years of being a woman and participating in discussions with women where this comes up. (I started dating my husband while he was, in fact, living with his mother. He had lived on his own previously and was, in part, living with his mother because his father had died and his mother appreciated having him around. Of course, I didn't know this when we began dating. I only knew he lived with his mom and didn't do his own laundry. Believe me, I took note.)

Anyway, I would not say that it's taboo among woman-kind; it's more of a data point. Women who are looking for meaningful relationships are looking for men who can stand on their own. They do not automatically think that a man living with his folks CAN'T, but they do KNOW that they AREN'T.

You see? A man living on his own has already proven that he CAN. A man living with his parents hasn't proven this by his actual circumstance. There are many, many ways he can prove this. For instance, if she sees that he's supporting the home by contributing to the mortgage and/or doing maintenance and/or major lifting around the house, and handling his own laundry, shopping, etc. In other words, if a woman sees that the man is not simply "still living like a boy at home" but "living like a man at home," the living-with-mom-and-dad doesn't have the same ring of dependent-boy and becomes man-honoring/supporting-his-parents.

So that's the economic/resource take on it. Women are looking for a man who has a proven track record that he can provide for himself. (If he can't do that, how's he going to provide for the children they would bring into the world.)

There's also a psychological aspect. A woman is more suspicious of a man living with mom and dad because a woman doesn't want to marry a man who is seeking to replace his mother. That just gives her the heebies. She wants to employ her maternal instincts for her would-be children; not her man. Living alone, taking care of himself, provides evidence that a man has separated his needs for mother from his needs for wife. Again, it's not that women assume that a man living in his parental-home has not done this. But living without Mom, is pretty good proof. The man living with Mom, hasn't provided any. If she sees evidence that you care-take your mother, if you handle mom-tasks all on your own -- procure and cook your own food, treat your own illness, have a developed network of friends who comfort, cajole, and hold you responsible -- she won't hold living with mom and dad against you.

So living with mom and dad is not so much taboo as it is warning flag for women. They're going to be watching to see if you are a MAN -- a provider and protector living WITH your folks; or a BOY -- a needy moocher, living OFF your folks.

My take on it for all the guys living in the folk's basement and looking for love.


Keep in mind that the OP might save money living at home and, if he invests it correctly, he might be much better positioned when the crisis hits. I'm sure plenty of girls will be attracted to a guy who can provide for them in a disaster scenario. The problem w/ that, of course, is that you won't really know if a girl legitimately likes you.

To the OP:
I'm pretty much in the same boat, by the way. I think I decided that it's a better idea (for me at least) to try to find someone beforehand rather than after. But I'm going to be conservative about it and not just "pick any girl". I can't imagine how bad being married to a girl you no longer get along with would be.

You got to be careful about

You got to be careful about choosing girls. You have to find one that fits perfect for you. They do cost a lot of money, and if you don't choose the right one, you can loose a lot of time and money that you would otherwise had.


that's something to consider, but again, if OP wants a girlfriend, he's probably going to have to leave the nest, the reason(s) why one is still at home is irrelevant. There's a stigma attached to living with one's parents (in the west, anyway), even if you're only there to take care of them, and most people don't bother taking that into consideration.

Then again, who'd want to date someone like that, anyway? I guess it depends if OP wants a relationship, or if he wants to just "date".

Frankly, If I were the OP, I wouldn't even worry about it and just focus on work/family until an opportunity presents itself. But I'm not, soooo...

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But again, maybe he'll be in better position to both find a GF and/or wife as well as help out the rest of his family. I don't feel like the rest of my family is protected so I feel like it's kind of honorable to do extra to help them out when the crisis strikes (assuming I'm able to). It's a fascinating time to be alive (and awake) right now.

I have constant nagging fears that:
A) No matter what I do, it won't be enough and it won't protect me and the people I care about

B) The government will confiscate any successful investments I make and that instead of saving money I should've just been living it up while I still had the means to.

C) Gangs will be walking the street that will rob and injure/kill anyone and everyone.

there are some gorgeous home

there are some gorgeous home schooled girls that work in the republican party... yeah they arent easy...but when your ready to get married go there lol or church lol

the easiest way to look for

the easiest way to look for girls is to stop looking.... and join groups like young americans for liberty or the libertarian party, or republican party