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When you say if you were to meet a libertarian girl you probably would not be interested anyways because you want someone who is different than you... you do understand no 2 libertarians are the same right? I mean, just look around this place with the vast array of varying ideas, opinions, and personalities.

That being said, there is probably not one specific type of girl interested in libertarian guys.You might have more luck with another libertarian, but there are probably girls of all sorts of backgrounds that are interested in libertarian guys.

If I flipped the question on you, you might see why it is kind of tricky to answer. What type of guys are interested in libertarian girls? Probably not just one type of guy, right?

Either way, good luck in your search.


Cute ones. My girlfriend is gorgeous and has gone from being more Liberal straight over to Ron Paul Republican view.

The trick is finding what they care about and then explaining how the Liberty approach is the best way to get there. Not forcing it on them or trying to talk about it all the time helps a lot.

Eric Hoffer

Stop looking.

Politics should be low on your list of priorities regarding finding a GF. Also, stop looking. They seem to fall into your lap when your engaged in other pursuits and living your life. When you have that thing about you that your "looking" it makes you seem needy. And that tends to turn off the right women and attract the wrong ones.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Chicks with dicks.....


My suggestion

It's hard enough to find a girl, don't limit yourself by looking for one that has similar political views. You should be basing your search on personality compatibility and sexual attraction.

Aight brah, I'm going to help you out.

1. Go for bi-chicks.

The whole jealousy thing women with women have puts serious strains on a relationships. I am a faithful good looking man, who does NOT have a wandering eye, VERY loyal and supportive, and I STILL got in a relationship that was pretty rocky in the begining because of my wife's initial self insecurities with her appearance. For a LONG time I couldn't be myself because I had to be on pins and needles around her. Fortunately she "grew up" once I became fed up with it and she decided to lose weight on her own accord which really helped her self confidence. Bi-sexual chicks won't give you that prob.

2. Own guns before starting the relationship and don't let her know. Be so comfortable with your ownership that you act like "I thought everyone owned one according to the media." She tells you to get rid of them, dump her arse right then. She gives you "you prefer guns over me?" Your answer "chicks with guns turn me on. Also your asking something similar to would I tie my tubes/neuter myself for you."

This does two things. 1. It ensures you get someone who is open to libertarian views. 2. YOU GOT GUNS AND A GIRL MAN!

3. Don't worry about politics if she is not into politics. Get into HER. Once you snagged her for real, she will adopt your politics if she isn't a outright political activist for socialists.

Your not out to change her mind. Women are crazy and fickle by nature. You only take the most rational positions in the debate (libertarian) because who hates freedom brah?

No go buy some trojans you sucker for punishment!

try and find

a free thinking GUY in stupid california.. I've made a list of my must haves and deal breakers but a lot of them aren't something you put in your profile or ask on a first, second or third "date". in fact.. I think I lost a nibble just the other day by asking a teeny tiny innocuous question o.O

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Well, there ya' go

if a girl's having trouble finding a libertarian guy, the OP's quest is toast. Where is RonPaulSingles.com when it's needed?

My husband and I both found libertarianism after we were already married. Libertarians tend to be black and white thinkers so it could've been rocky if one of us lagged too much.

Defend Liberty!


now THAT made me smile =)

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Dang girl.

Own guns. Then if he questions it, just say "I thought you were a real man." If he attacks your positions say "I thought you like mai freedumz like a real man"

Attack the lack of nuts. Always works. Then again I don't live in Commifornia.

I thought california was a land of fruits and nuts

are you sayign it is hard to find a guy with nuts out there? that doesn't make any sense....:)

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
Precinct Commiteeman Precinct 5 Rock Island Co Illinois

california is granola land

full of flakes, nuts and fruits~

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

There are plenty of nuts out

There are plenty of nuts out here but most guys dont have any balls whatsoever.

well dang, guy

all I asked him was if he were good with his hands.. We were out in my garage and I have a lot of tools so it was a fair question lol

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

I'm thinking....

hero worshipers, cult followers and gluttons for punishment.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

Find a cute lib girl and

Find a cute lib girl and argue with her about economics. Really get into it but don't ever cross the line into name calling or otherwise insulting behavior. Use humor but be a gentleman. Never back down on the economics - you know you're right. Exude confidence.

Let her peg you as a heartless conservative and only then let her know your views on social issues. On these - the issues about which she likely cares the most - you will largely agree.

She won't be able to figure you out. Are you a heartless conservative troglodyte or a safe but confused liberal. You will seem safe but you might be dangerous. She'll have to get to know you better to find out.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

I can't find anyone for the

I can't find anyone for the life of me. I am told I don't try, but those people who say that don't value their bodies. I don't try because I have not met anyone that I assume holds the same values as me. I don't try because you can't just ask a woman up front how many people they've had sex with. Everyone I encounter you can assume they have had sex with at least one person and I am picky about certain physical things, but things that can be helped, like I think tattoos are disgusting, and makeup makes them look worse. I don't care if a woman is chubby or weird looking. Tattoos, makeup, and the constant need to look 15 are all related to things inside. I also do not want to find what I am looking for at a church because I am 28 and I don't want to spend a decade to befriend someone and I don't like churches or being social and I don't want some wife who won't do anything in bed but lay there. I don't want to meet them at a bar because that's where you go to get laid, not meet a quality person to spend your life with, and I don't like smelling like an ashtray and the worldly form of being social is just not my thing. I don't like women who always want to go out and do stupid stuff like in the previous sentence. Adults don't go around partying when they have kids at home to tend to. That's the kind of crap to do when the kids finally leave the house. I want to know about their desires for children and staying at home to school the children up front. I will not bother starting a family if it's going to be both of us working and the children are just babysat by the public schooling system. And most importantly, I don't want to be looked at by them like a kook when it comes to my beliefs in the government and the NWO, and that people should be allowed to do whatever they want to unless it actually hurts someone.

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Ramicio, look at all the

Ramicio, look at all the negative statements in your post -- what you don't like and won't do.

I can't find
don't try
don't value their bodies.
I don't try
have not met
I don't try
can't just ask
I am picky
tattoos are disgusting
makeup makes them look worse.
I don't care
do not want to find
I don't want to
don't like churches
don't want some wife
I don't want to
don't like smelling
not my thing.
I don't like women who
Adults don't go around
I will not bother
I don't want to be looked at

Try writing out a similar length piece for yourself that is all in the positive. What you do like and what you will do?

Here are the only bits I see that you phrase in the positive sense. "I want to know about their desires for children and staying at home to school the children up front." And "...people should be allowed to do whatever they want to unless it actually hurts someone."

In the first case, many if not most young single women don't have a blueprint for how many children they want or whether they'll stay home or homeschool before they've even fallen for a guy. For a women, finding a man often unlocks or begins the process of longing for children. For a woman, becoming pregnant or trying to get pregnant, usually touches off her process for deciding how they will be raised. Likewise having children nearing school age, usually begins the decision-making process of how they will be educated. Most healthy women aren't interested in a man who has mapped out their lives for them. That's not a partnership, and you'll find not only a smaller pool, but also a pool of sketchy types who are perhaps afraid to be real partners in a relationship.

Your second positive phrase is great. Try applying that to the next few women you meet. She's got a tattoo? Wears makeup? Judge her according to your stated standards. Perhaps she's got a butterfly tattooed on her ankle and bright red lipstick. Neither hurt anyone. She got the tat as a reminder of her little sister who died. She wears the lipstick because she likes the way it makes her feel more powerful. Maybe she just came from helping a friend rebuild a chicken coop damaged in a storm and is headed for the lake to sit on the beach and play guitar. Quit judging and start wondering.

There is nothing positive

There is nothing positive about me. I'm an absolute piece of shit and it's why I don't have a gun and I don't really care about my rights.

I didn't map anything out for them, I want someone with those plans. They would be taught those values by their parents. What you are describing is why people get divorced, because they don't talk about their intentions before they get married. Or people know these things but they think their mind will change at some point.

Judgement is acceptable when it's righteous and not in hypocrisy. I don't have tattoos, so I can make that a standard. I have never had sex with anyone, another standard. Do you see the pattern?

I find tattoos and makeup unattractive and tattoos are not something I want my child[ren] thinking is OK. You used to have to go to the circus, pay a quarter, and be led into a tent to see people with tattoos. It doesn't matter to me if it's some little flower or butterfly. I don't want someone so vain that they think they need to decorate their body. You're not supposed to decorate your body with the names of the dead. To get a tattoo of someone you knew who died is just morbid and pretty idiotic (not that getting any tattoo isn't idiotic in and of itself).

I don't want someone who tries to feel powerful with their looks. That's not adult behavior, and if I found a wife that's acceptable you would be damn sure I'd make her feel good about herself without needing any of that vain crap. You're not describing wife material, you're talking about the common hedonist. I don't want someone who thinks that kind of worldly crap is power, or anyone who seeks power at all. I don't see power, and I will teach my kids that power here means nothing.

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Sorry, ramicio. I often

Sorry, ramicio. I often forget to note who is posting what. I assumed you were the OP providing more information about your predicament. Sounds like you're exactly where you want to be in regards to a relationship.

Just to clear up the meaning of the word power: It means the ability to effectively accomplish things. It is not uncommon, when confronted with difficult tasks, for people to use little things -- the perfect pair of boots when you're giving a big speech; a water bottle scrawled with motivational quotes from your running mentor for a first marathon. These things are messages people send their future selves, for when the hard task gets even harder and your confidence goes slack.

I understand that looks don't mean much to you -- except makeup and tattoos -- but looks can make significant differences in power, in how effective you'll be at a given task. For example, I pass out books to people at our local food bank once a week. I choose my clothes in a way that I think best helps me accomplish my task. I need to be approachable; I need to get down on the floor and read to kids. I dress accordingly. I dress to optimize my power -- my effectiveness -- for this task of getting great books into the hands of struggling folks. One of my best friends works for an organization that goes out on the streets of a big city and tries to befriend prostitutes. She's found that if she wears bright lipstick, the prostitutes she talks to are more accepting. She's using more and brighter makeup to gain more power, more effectiveness, in accomplishing her task of making sure these prostitutes have at least one person they can turn to should they decide to change professions.

Tattooing goes way back before Barnum and Bailey. People have been adorning and marking themselves since...well since the beginning. I had a neighbor who had the ugliest tattoo I'd ever seen covering her calf. After a few across-the-property-line conversations, I asked her about it. I remember how she stroked it and her eyes got moist and she seemed to forget I was there. I felt odd, like I was intruding. Then she blinked and looked back to me and told me how she'd lost her first child at four. In the deepest of her grief, she taken one of her daughter's drawings to a tattoo artist and had it put on her calf. It was ten years later, when I met her, and she'd had two healthy boys since, and she was happy again. I don't know what you're supposed to do or what's considered vain by some. But when she touched her tattoo, I saw her compassion and her sorrow. I never looked at her tattoo as ugly again.

You're talking about

You're talking about empowerment first. The thing you speak of with power and looks is something people to do control or dominate others. I don't even believe that political office should give a person power. We're not supposed to get tattoos or mark ourselves for the dead. Tattoos don't look good when the person ages. This is not an area I am going to compromise on. I will either find someone or I won't. I am prepared to be alone because I know my demands are too much.

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So when I dress in jeans and

So when I choose to dress in jeans and a flannel shirt to pass out books and read to children at the food bank, it's because I'm trying to control and dominate the patrons of the food bank?

What are you talking about

What are you talking about now? You know what I mean by what I said.

A female who goes around dressing and painting her face like a whore to attract male attention is not doing so to better anyone. It's called seduction and it's a tool of power and control.

Why you can't grasp this but instead relate it to people having to look a certain way for a job is beyond me.

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Don't be sly. Although

Don't be sly.

Although women apply make up for many reasons, you admit that when women do so to attract men, it is because men like made-up women.

Why aren't you upset at the men who like such artifice? Why are you only angry at the women who understand the score and use what they have at their disposal to play to it? I think previously you gave a scree against women who tried to keep looking, what was it? Fifteen? Why not a scree against the men who would desire such a woman?

Seems a bit upside-down to me. The most effective criticism comes from peers. If you are a man, criticize what you know. Be up in arms by men who are attracted to made-up women who try to look fifteen.

It's cowardly to criticize the target of your weakness. (You understand that power is as power does. Right? If you assert that a woman who paints her face is asserting power and control, you understand that you are saying you feel powerless and controlled by such women? You understand that you are saying much more about yourself than you are about your scapegoat?)

I get that you are attracted to such women and feel dirty because of it. But something's got to give. Right? It's doubtful that womankind is going to give.

The only thing left is you. You're the master of your ship. Not any woman; not any man. Just you.

I'm upset at you because you

I'm upset at you because you can't grasp what I am saying.

I don't care what guys do because they're not in my market and those types of guys would be taking the females I don't desire off the market.

I'm not up in arms at anything. I simply stated what I am looking for and then a get a bunch of assholes telling me it's wrong that I look for certain things that it's judgmental, wrong, and angry, and that it's really some emotional weakness I have. What I am hearing from you is just a bunch of neo-liberal nonsense if you ask me. I never said I felt controlled by any female or that they make me feel dirty. I simply don't want one who tries to control me.

Please don't talk to me anymore if you can't grasp what I am trying to say. I am long past the end of my line of patience with you and I can tell you are just trying to provoke me at this point. It sounds like you are some feminist who thinks the male world should bend over backwards for and accept sluts. Put me on your block list or something.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

Two things.

1) have you tried church and church events?

2) human beings need edification. You can't feed people from a firehose. You start with a spoon. So, if you are laying on your beliefs about government and NWO to someone who has never heard about it before, of course they are going to think you are a kook. If you spoon feed them slowly over years, eventually they can consume larger and larger portions to the point that even if they don't agree, they can still understand you because they care about you.

So, #1 answer on the board is: it doesn't matter unless you have self-control.

I already said I don't like

I already said I don't like anything social, which is the secondary reason why I don't like churches. I don't want to go to some pathetic singles event. I don't like being social. I want my own land, my own family, and to be left alone. I don't need to have some social status or friends.

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You don't have to LIKE it, you have to DO it.

Girls are social. Some less, some more. You have to meet someone, which means you need to BE social, whether you like it or not, to some degree.

Did you see what I said about self-control? Sometimes you have to do things you don't normally like to achieve the goal you want to achieve.

Start in activities that YOU enjoy and you'll automatically meet people with shared interests.

Exactly. GIRLS are social,

Exactly. GIRLS are social, and to a point of it being a disorder. I don't want a girl, I want a woman. I don't want someone with those social qualities. Of course if I actually met someone I would be dragged along to certain things, but if it was out of my comfort zone, like bars, clubs, or anything loud, I would just break up with her instead of not going to things constantly and wind up being cheated on.

What you said has nothing to do with self-control. You know why I work a shit job and make no money? Because to get anywhere you need to do things that are not right. It doesn't have to be illegal, but it could be something as simple as working for someone who requires you to sell stuff to people that they don't really need. I am not willing to do things that are wrong or what I do not believe in just to better myself. That's selfish. I am a master of self-control.

I don't enjoy any activities. I enjoy sitting at home. I do not like being out in public and around people I do not know. I don't want to know and talk to people just because they are people. I shop for food and that's it. I don't have any interests that involve being around people. All of my interests are nerdy and I do not want someone like that.

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no church singles event

just go for your own reasons, look around...maybe do a little "scoping and hoping" sooner or later you'll catch some fine young thing looking just a little too hard in your direction. Anyway, that's what worked for me. Once you say hello just move on about your business as if you actually have better things to do, if she is interested at all she come looking for you (or at least that is how it happened for me) and have fun with it. If you are out, tease her a little about something insignificant (don't be a dick though, this can be a fine line) it shows your confidence and intrigues the woman or so I have heard. Stick to normal folk discourse in the first date or three, once she has told all her friends that you are "the one" then you can start talking politics a little if you want to. Just remember that most (if not all) women really want a man who can take care of them; and therefore you must be able to take care of yourself first, and be confident of your ability to do so. Also be aware that most young ladies in their 20-somethigns have no real clue what they want in a guy....they read to many womens magazines to have any idea what they REALLY want in a guy.

Josh Brueggen
Jack of all Trades
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