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Would you pay 5 dollars to save 100 million lives?

Of course you would. Who wouldn't? $5 is the estimated
one-time cost to each household or business to protect
the electric grid from solar surges.

To me, this is an issue that is as clear-cut as killing
Americans with drones. The relative price for prevention
is so small, while potential damage is unimaginable.

I just got off the phone with Trent Franks' office. They are
rewriting House Bill 668 from last Congress (112th):


There is lots of info about this vulnerability:


Franks has created the EMP Caucus (members list below):


Would you please call your Reps and Senators and
ask them to join the EMP Caucus? A phone call
takes about 60 seconds. Please ask them to send
you a reply. That way they have to record the request.


By the way, this bill will need to go through the House
Energy and Commerce Committee (Chair: Fred Upton, R-MI)
and the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
(Chair: Ron Wyden, D-OR). So if you have another 2 minutes,
please call them as well.

EMP Caucus members:
Trent Franks (R) AZ-08
Rob Bishop (R) UT-01
Jim Bridenstine (R) OK-01
Paul Broun (R) GA-10
Ken Calvert (R) CA-42
Yvette Clarke (D) NY-09
Jeff Duncan (R) SC-03
Vicky Hartzler (R) MO-04
Steve King (R) IA-04
John Kline (R) MN-02
Doug LaMalfa (R) CA-01
Doug Lamborn (R) CO-05
Cynthia Lummis (R) WY-AL
Bill Posey (R) FL-08
Loretta Sanchez (D) CA-46
Chris Stewart (R) UT-02
Michael Turner (R) OH-10

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bigmikedude's picture

Depends on

how those 100 Million vote.

And so far, it ain't looking too good.