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New Apple Tax Avoidance App Routes Gross Pay Through Netherlands, You Pay Only 1.9% Tax

Become your own multinational Corporation.

Apple Tax Avoidance App routes gross pay through Netherlands and other countries for an effective 1.9% federal tax rate. Easy setup with employer paycheck service.

Tax Avoidance App allows you to easily access your new international accounts with minimal Federal tax paid.

Coming Soon.

The Tax Free Tour (VPRO, Marije Meerman)

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It's a deliberate ploy

The NWO wants as many people as possible to declare themselves to be corporations. It's a form of transhumanism, merging with a technocracy for a "brighter tomorrow" (as in luciferian illumination).

Eschew self-incorporation. Avoid taxation by other means.

Not at all. It's called

Not at all. It's called leveling the playing field. Corporations are people. People are people. All people can use the same systems in place to get the same tax advantage as multinational corporations now. A win win for everybody.

Good one, thanks

Upvoted for the chuckle factor.

Thanks. The Supreme court

Thanks. The Supreme court gave people the same status as corporations. Why not take advantage of it.