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U.S. Spent $3.7 Million on Ex-Presidents in 2012 (Not counting Secret Service Protection)

Sure SEEMS like we have Kings and other forms of nobility...they are just called President here. What a freaking JOKE!

At a time when federal agencies are being forced to make substantial budget cuts, it’s worth pointing out that the federal government spent $3.7 million last year on four living ex-presidents.

Under the Former Presidents Act—passed in 1958 to assist financially strapped ex-President Harry Truman—onetime commanders-in-chief receive an annual pension equal to a cabinet secretary’s salary ($200,000), plus $96,000 a year for office staff. The government also pays for benefits, travel, office space and postage.

Among the former presidents receiving this largess, George W. Bush was given the most assistance: $1.3 million. The expenditures included $395,000 for 8,000 square feet of office space in Dallas, $85,000 in telephone costs, and $60,000 for travel.

The $3.7 million spent on ex-presidents does not include Secret Service protection, which is covered under a separate budget not disclosed to the public.


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Well, as dear Mr. Biden can confirm Parisian hotels aren't cheap

Well, as dear Mr. Biden can confirm (as mere VP) Parisian hotels aren't exactly cheap, even less for ex-presidents, I suppose...

Not to mention the other lively perks...

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.0001% of the budget?

.0001% of the budget?

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