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The New Gold Standard in Gold

Note: These bars are designed to be "used" only in the aftermath of a currency crisis. In the mean time store your unbroken bars in a safe place. You can always sell them for cash if you desire prior to a crisis, but it's good to know you have a few on hand just in case one develops. Also, as the premium over spot is higher on these bars than for traditional, non-divisible bars or coins, you should not store all of your bullion in this form. If you have a lot of gold, the majority of your holdings should be comprised of the latter. But everyone should keep a portion of their physical holdings in CombiBars just in case.

What would you do for a CombiBar?
The innovative 50 gram gold bar is easily divisible into 50 one gram minibars. Get yours today from Euro Pacific Precious Metals.
Call 888-GOLD-160 (that's 888-465-3160) or visit http://www.EuroPacMetals.com


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