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Police Restrain Hundreds of People Begging For Food As Officials Opt To Throw It In the Trash

This is truly sick.


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I know someone who worked at Hardee's. Hamburgers are made

in advance of course, in anticipation of patrons buying them. But during slow periods of the day up to 80% of the prepared food isn't sold within the 15 minutes or so that it is considered "fresh". This food is thrown out and put in a heavily fortified, locked up dumpster area behind the store, to keep people from "dumpster diving".

Personally, I consider a 15 minute old hamburger to be perfectly edible, even if not sellable. And its incredible to me to think that 4 out of every five hamburgers produced during these slow periods, end up in that locked dumpster and headed to a landfill, rather than being available for a hungry person to eat.

I ran into a particularly talkative produce/natural foods . . .

manager in a local grocery store recently who sneered at the rows of natural foods and said, "most of it gets thrown out!"--

I asked, "don't you donate it to food banks?"--

and he said, "nah; most of it is just put in the dumpsters"--

I was shocked--

I know that Whole Foods gives their day old and outdated foods to food banks and private parties who distribute the food to those in need--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I worked at a major airline where if even a bag of potato chips

...was not sold or eaten, the catering company would throw it away. I couldn't believe how much food was wasted. Even packeged food like nuts, cookies, chips, cereals, raisons, crackers etc.

NOT to mention the sandwiches and prepared meals which no one ate.

When I asked why they threw it out I was told because the airline had already paid for it, and the catereing company could not re-sell it.

On paper, it had in effect already been consumed - even though it hadn't been.

So away to the dump it want.

Multiply this by every airline by every flight in every airport in the USA and you can only imagine the tons and tons of food that gets thrown away EACH DAY!

You'd think there would be a better way to do things.

Our society takes it all for granted that the abundance is assumed and will never not be there.

Danger, I say.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

What's this?

@ 1:45 news man states "Scrub Prediction Unity".....

Did I hear that right? Who talks like that?

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks


He said that's when word of the products "spread through the community"

Last weekend

This subject came up. There were a few butchers in camp, and a few guys who worked at supermarkets in the past.

We were talking about wasted food and I proudly put out I figured about 40% of food was tossed.

I was corrected I was close but the actual figure is around 60%. And that's only by the supermarkets. Not counting people who bought the food.

That's disgusting. I would now wager at least 70% of all food ends up in landfills, and that's a low estimate.

I worked at a supermarket

I worked at a supermarket before. You would not believe the amount of food they threw out.(or maybe you would) I mean every day, if certain food wasnt sold in time, it was thrown out. And its not like this food had been sitting there a week, this was food that was only a couple days old tops.
We have enough food on Earth to feed everyone. We have a few "problems" though...

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

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Indeed. We have some problems. All of them governmental.

Indeed. We have some problems. All of them governmental.

And every-the-freaking-where.

Quite outrageous, is it not?

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius


would believe this. Good for the garbage contractors and garbage people and oil companies because of the fuel needed to haul all this garbage.

Reap what you sow. Walmart must excrete and handle the most garbage. They should have to pay much higher disposal fees since they have so much garbage imo.



So, let me get this straight. The Spokeshole said he did not have the 'authority' to pass out this food to the people, so where did he get the 'authority' to offer it to a church, and then when they did not come and get it, he suddenly gets the 'authority' to toss it in the dumpster. Just how stupid do things have to get in this country before there is an overdue Revolution?

I believe....

....the store owner wanted to give it to charity. The church that said they wanted it never showed up.

After a few days the possessions become the property of the bank. The bank says pitch it.

Is it time yet?

I know the cops were just doing their job, but this is wrong. Storm the cops next time. Tired of seeing articles/news reports about ridiculous "laws" that are being enforced.

Does anyone know the law they were enforcing? Because it was the banks property or what?

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


....storm the cops. Then when you get to the treasure, you and several hundred other folks will do what? Stop, appoint some folks to facilitate a redistribution of the goods, and the rest will be ok with that?

If the police stepped aside, what exactly do you think would have happened?

Apparently the foods owner

Apparently the foods owner wanted it thrown away. I assume, yes I am assuming, that since the Chois did not dispose of it in time and the church did not pick it up then ownership defaulted to the bank. The police appears to be protecting the property rights of the owner, just as they should.

Thanks you for your common sense. I disagree with the storming comment because I don't agree with mob rule but you are asking the right questions rather than blatantly accusing.

This Country Is Insane

and the cops and politicians are the most insane of all!



Should of been people given to people who did not declare their entry into the country first ;)


Of course on the daily paul,

Of course on the daily paul, where police are still the bad guys even though they are abiding by property rights. The owners had the option of just letting the people have the food but didn't and the police don't have the right to seize the food and distribute it.

You are right. The police

You are right. The police were doing their job. The bank owned the property, and they had every right to do as they wished with their property.

That said, the decision-makers at the bank are a-holes. It would have taken very little effort to organize distribution of the food. There are no riots at food banks and there would have been no riot here.

Yes, the bank had every right to destroy its property. I'd love for it to be made public which bank this was and watch as everyone exercises their rights not to be customers.

So the right thing for people to do is obey any and all laws?

Pretending that keeping food from hungry people is virtuous is about as lame as it gets.
And yes, MUCH of the police force are "bad guys." They are steroid infused power mongers who love to intimidate, and have made the US the LARGEST prison population in history. And many of them are part of the pedophilia ring that is destroying our nation. If the owner wants to be an ass, he can be an ass, but don't send the cops in to defend assholery and pretend it is doing the right thing.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


....since you didn't want to understand what was going on, the sequence of events...

Store going under
Bank says three days to get everything out
Owners want to work to the end
Owners agree to give the food to a church
Church never shows up
Time is up
Food in the parking lot that the bank owns is bank owned
Bank says pitch it
To prevent massive assaults, police keep people from food


The sheriff said they could not take possession. So, he had no right to keep it from the people, either! jack-a$$!

So since the Sheriff cannot

So since the Sheriff cannot take possession of your car he by your definition has no right to prevent another from stealing your vehicle? Just a suggestion, read your own post before posting.

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if the sheriff

could not take possession of it,then
they did not have authority over it,nor did they have the right
to stop the people from taking it,it was not a theft they stopped
nor were the crowds about to commit a crime,so therefor the sheriffs
had no authority over the store items nor the people

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Your "authority" deal.....

.....so you are saying your Sheriff has authority over everything you own. If he didn't then he has no reason to respond when someone takes your stuff, since he would have no authority over it. It's free to take.

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I didn't say that,you did

the point i made came from the sheriffa mouth
he said they couldn't take possession of it,so if they couldn't
then they did not have the authority over it,nor could they claim ownership,as they didn't have the right to in the first place
why do you twist my words?

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...the Sheriff can't protect anything he can't take possession of. And since he can't take possession of it, he has no authority over it.

When law enforcement protect your stuff, then they have authority of it, and can possess it at any time, correct?

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my statement was about this

if they could not take possession of it,as was said,then they did not
have jurisdiction of it
what you seem to want to imply is,that is a crime scene when in fact it wasn't
law enforcement never has the right nor the authority over others
belongings,if something had been stolen then that is a different story
but there wasn't one taken place,so they did not have the right to stop them people,that is until a crime took place
no where in what i typed said they had the right to take others things
you implied not once but twice

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...a property owner can not call police to ask for protection of their property?

If I have a dispute with a live-in, I can call the police to watch over the gathering of my things.

How is this different?


...got me a negative!

I'm thinking......

.....that if the police stepped aside there would a lot of crimes of assault happening.