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Police Restrain Hundreds of People Begging For Food As Officials Opt To Throw It In the Trash

This is truly sick.


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...they saw it as keeping 300 people from assaulting each other and bringing lawsuits against them for not preventing 300 people from assaulting each other

Right. Like when 300 people

Right. Like when 300 people assault each other at a food bank.

Looking at the video, the bank had far more manpower in place to throw food away than a food bank has to distribute it.

Just imagine...

how effective private charities would be if the State got the hell out of the way.

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the store gave it to a local

the store gave it to a local church but they didn't show up to claim it.

Amazing how.....

....on a site where people want to know the truth, they ignore the truth.

only in America.

only in America.

dumpster dependent folks

...Ron Paul would not want to encourage people to become dependent on feeding themselves off the backs of failed businesses anymore than he would want them dependent on the government.
Offer a bag of groceries for every hour of work completed (i.e. every bag of trash they bring in from off the streets in exchange for a bag of food) & i wonder how many of those able bodied folks would have cared less that each bag that wasn't bought with someone's labor would have been tossed in the dumpsters. If they can come prepared with their halloween style pillow case bags & their carts & stand around for hours they have displayed skills in at least planning & endurance & that will get a lot of work done. peace

time is wasted in minutes not hours

I agree

That institutionalized welfare can degrade a society, but this seems more like a misallocation of resources and the state getting in the way arbitrarily. Dr. Paul would also want people to be charitable, and if there were people involved in this, not a bank and the state, people might have been able to feed their kids that evening. Not a system of dependency, but just voluntarily feeding your neighbors one time must exist in any society, especially a free one.

Those Aren't Starving People

That's a brigade of the Free $hit Army.

If I could....

....a thousand up arrows.

Foolish Act Politically

IIUC, the bank holding the lease is the culprit behind this selfish act. True, if the bank held the note, they could dispose of their property as they wished, but merely destroying the merchandise was both callous and foolish politically. Selling the goods at a reduced cost would have been much smarter than trashing the merchandise. Now, the local community needs to ensure the parties responsible are held accountable. Fire them. Force them to resign. Close the bank. These options are left to the local community to implement.

Honestly, it's beyond retarded.

Officials: "Oh no's! The foods a FEW DAYS past expiry dates! We're the Gubberments, we knows bests! Backs offs!"

Citizens: "We're starving, help us! Please! I voted Obama! USA! USA! USA! USA! We don't care - we need food!"

Officials: "To's the dumps you gos 'boys'."

Citizens: "Why do you hate us so?!"

Officials: "You's don't haves badges!"

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Citizens: "But we ain't no threat, man!"

Citizens: "But we ain't no threat, man! We even got no guns no more!"

Officials: "Haha, exactly! But we do, losers! So you backs offs!"

Citizens: "Please! Just let us have the food not wasted!"

Officials: "'Don't care! Backs offs NOW!"

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This is....

really sick.

In a sane world -

If someone were to get sick off the food, your risk, your loss for accepting it. Ah...taking responsibility for yourself - what a concept!

However, thanks to greedy people looking for a fast buck by suing for anything and everything, well this is the result. I can see people even faking sickness, suing the city for not protecting its citizens, and the city settling out of court. It always takes just ONE to ruin it for everyone else. As I said, in a sane world.

I wouldn't be surprised if down the future, everyone has to sign a waiver before eating at a restaurant. I think the only thing that's stopped restaurants from taking that approach is that it's "bad business". This may seem overboard, but so did all the lawsuits requiring companies to label cleaning chemicals "do not ingest", or McDonald's labeling their coffee "hot". Really? Coffee's hot? You don't say.


....at this point it would have been a free-for-all. People showing up with roll-able baskets and such.

Anyone think anyone who showed up there was going to organize some way to redistribute it fairly?


You hit it. It does suck but that is the state we're in. And if the cops left the scene they could be liable for any property damage. Liability and less responsibility is the source.

Just Plain WRONG!!!


Who ever participated is an accomplis.

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Not sure why...

...what is the problem? An owner of physical stuff cannot have it protected?

How many man hours (tax dollars) were wasted in this effort

So what if they couldn't "legally" let the hungry citizens take the food out of the trash? Post a sign saying "No Dumpster Diving", wag your finger and go get your donuts.

How many violent crimes could have been attended to by the 10-20 cops who just stood around a dumpster?

The 'riot' that the police feared was the riot they almost caused by this non-nonsensical BS. I wonder if the cops would have started the pepper spray and skull-cracking if those people were just hungry enough to go for that food anyway. Just how badly did they want to keep this admitted garbage out of those hungry peoples' mouths?



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Looks like

There will be a new Sheriff in town.

looks like their IQ will have to increase 4 points so they will be smart as a rock.

LOL, that's giving them too much credit.

I'd say, "increase 4 points so they'd be dumb as a rock." Even then, I think that might be too generous for those retards.

But hey, important lesson confirmed/learned: Preppers and independent people are to be rightly frowned upon. Government!

Why does this not surprise me?

All those a**holes standing around guarding the dumpster - they should all be fired.

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