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Did This Cop Reach Orgasm Over Numbers on a Sticker ?

From Anthony Antonello:
ALWAYS KEEP YOUR CAMERA ON THESE PEOPLE. An investigation being held by local police officers was so obvious I saw the commotion and decided to see what was going on. Things went down hill from there. Luckily I kept recording, played my cards right in this corrupt system and things worked out not nearly as bad as these cops tried to make it.

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What? Happened?

What? Happened?

Why go film cops when your inspection and registration are out?


This is exactly what I thought lol

"Nice, he's got the vid out standing up for his rights. Rock on! ...

... oh ... wait ...

Dude. You didn't check "what" first?? agghhhhh...."

I shouldn't have to say what the Moral of this Story is.

Please don't make me type it.


Way to go Bud for stepping up to the plate. I look forward to part two. I thrive on stuff like this. Freedom is so freaking fun. Your headline could use some improvement though. You're smarter than that.

Does anyone else think that this cop

Acts like the dumb thug too.

Acts like the dumb thug too.