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Peter Schiff interview I can almost totally get behind him on.

Greg Hunter asks Peter Schiff great questions and Peter answers candidly for the most. Says even off-shore banks are worried.

Jim Rogers has responded to the Cyprus situation, Bob Chapman (RIP) talked about such occurrences forever... just need to hear now from Doug Casey whose advocated spreading your cash around for some time in different countries...but make no mistake, cool as Pete and the rest seem, they're scared.

[PS - Personally, Peter, and because Bob Chapman said it long ago - don't bullshit us about the FDIC - they're bankrupt, too. But why even bring up the FDIC? Just like Cyprus, it's "guarantee" will not apply here either! And you know it.]


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Excellent interview, thank you! Peter truly understands how

these things work . I learn a lot hearing him break it down. Either way the depositors would lose, but probably even more through inflation if the banks got bailed out. I like listening to him because he is so logical. Very smart guy!


Nice, thanks

About your PS to Peter: I'm guessing that he still aspires to win a run for office somewhere. Character flaw.

You're right

that character flaw seemed awfully familiar, but never quite put my finger on it - thank you. Makes sense now.

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