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Kyle Cease: Stand-Up Comedian Talks about the News (and Ron Paul)

This guy used to be one of my favorite comedians but then he seemed to just kind of drop off the face of the earth for a couple years. Apparently he's back with new stuff now though, and he seems to have more of a message behind his material. I thought you guys might enjoy this bit about the news.


In this video, he puts down the microphone and comedy bit and talks about the news, politics, and manipulation. He also mentions that Ron Paul was the one GOP candidate who made sense.


I had no idea. Turns out he's made a couple of political rant type videos. Good stuff.


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Whoa. I kept looking at his

Whoa. I kept looking at his videos. Turns out he made a pro-Ron Paul video. It's actually really good. Check it out in the first post.