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Sandy Hook DA keeps witness name secret due to fears for 'safety'

At Digital Journal:

CT State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky, again asked a judge to redact the name, or names, of at least one witness "cooperating" with the investigation due to fears for "their personal safety and well-being."

The judge granted the motion, which continues to keep the identity of one or more key witnesses in the Sandy Hook shooting investigation secret. The names appear in search warrant applications which were unsealed today.

Sedensky submitted, and was granted, a motion in January to seal, for 90 days, the search warrant applications and the evidence found in alleged shooter Adam Lanza' home and his mother's two cars. In that motion Sedensky argued that unsealing the warrants might "seriously jeopardize" the investigation by disclosing information known only to other "potential suspects."...Read more: http://digitaljournal.com/article/346711

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If the supposed lone gunman killed himself...

...as we've been led to believe, then why would there be fear for safety of the witness?

looks like the Men in Black

looks like the Men in Black got there and mopped up the scene.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

there must be many people who would

know if there were surveillance cameras or not.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

still nagging, what were grown men doing being chased

by police on elementary school grounds? You don't just hang out around an elementary school at 9:30 in the morning without asking for trouble. Why were they running? Where is the 911 call tape?

I wonder if there are even some police who were there who would like answers to these questions. I can see them all being told "need to know" i.e.: shut up.

Release the Sandy Hook video.