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Voucher program would drive up education costs

If you subsidize the students it will bid up the cost of "private schools"

This REALLY pissed off my dad. He listens to mainline conservative radio. They hail the voucher program as "more free market". I disagree.

When the the government pumps money into anything the price goes up. Period. (prescription drugs, housing, education, farm subsidies,etc.)

I would argue that under a voucher program, it's not really a private school anymore and it would make private school MORE EXPENSIVE.

This is nails on a chalkboard to right-wing statists.

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You're forgetting something.

You're forgetting something. Supply will meet demand. The number of private schools will increase dramatically, bringing the cost down in time. Granted, it's not a perfect idea, but it's better than what currently exists.

From IN. The biggest voucher program.

Private schools will increase in cost from the $4k/yr when given vouchers, but the statist schools will drop from the $12K/yr. Watch my state show the entire country how to reform education.