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Kim Jong Un: afraid for his life?

Once again in the distance we hear the war drums beating. This time a little louder than usual. North Korea has once again raddled their rusty and not very impressive saber. The fact of the matter is, North Korea exist because the world and more to the point, the United States ALLOWS it to. So what's going on? Why would a small fraction of a man dare take on the most awesome military force the world has ever seen?

Barring media hype, I think it's that Kim Jong Un in afraid for his life. Not from war but from his own inner circle. Look around him and tell me what you see. I see old guard military types with doubt on their faces tainted by disgust that they must take orders from a weak kid like Un.

If I were a betting man, I would bet a hundred bucks to your wooden nickle that he sleeps with a teddy bear and wets his bed every night in fear of an assassination attempt on his life. Further more, I would bet that if given the chance, if the U.S. were able to reach him, you know, one on one, and ask him if he wanted out, he would say yes and in a hurry.

The kid is scared to death, has no idea what to do, and desperately wants out or his little predicament. Anyway, that's my thought.

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Of personality is very strong being handed down for decades through his family. Even with an aaccident, I don' t think it would bode well for the new leadership. I think the Generals need him more alive than not.


no the u.s wants to conquer the world

and by putting sanctions by preventing other country's to trade with north Korea is a war crime with in itself. why do we always dictate how other country's should be run? in my opinion if a country has no nukes these day they are pretty much screwed.

Like all famous Dictators

He has yet to begin his "purge", that sacrificial right in blood that will cement his grip on power


Yet again,

some brilliant an enlightening commentary on the DP. Thanks for posting your thoughts.

Nothing is more dangerous than someone who believes...

he has nothing to lose.

His recent behavior says you are right

I think the Dennis Rodmsn fiasco made him look weak and decadent to insiders. So he's trying to make it hard for insiders to kill him by putting DPRK on brink of war with US

Why? Did he run out of cake?

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