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Watching this video would go a long way towards addressing the public's confusion about

politics and economics.

It is a great way for the uninitiated to start learning.
Please spread it around and share it amongst non Ron Paul fans.

This guy is awesome at explaining 5,000 years of history, politics, monetary policy and the Federal Reserve in terms that everyone can understand and relate to.


This video is 3 hours long, but it's well worth the time.

It helps that the guy presenting is a GREAT lecturer and is very entertaining with lots of laughs.

You could show it to a 16 to 90 year old.
It would be worth far more to them than 5 years of education at school.
EVERYONE should watch it and help spread it around - you definitely won't get taught this at school.
It is amazing education for the general public.
Rick Perry (Governor of Texas) would learn a heck of a lot from watching it for example.

The last hour is about drastically reducing your American Income Taxes - you can skip that part if you are not an American and that doesn't interest you.
N.B. The Federal Reserve system applies all over the world (except North Korea) so it is equally applicable in EVERY country.

I put the above on a public friendly blogpost

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great stuff

best 3 hours i've spent in a long time.

thanks for sharing!