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What Happens When there is Nothing Left to Steal?

LONDON - England - The hyper inflationary depression that is to come will make the mild economic dip in 2008 look like a blip when the fiat currency U.S. dollar crashes, bond markets pop and the falsely inflated stock market completely collapses.

The latest EU Cyprus money grab with a tortuous bank levy on depositors is a sign that we are nearing the beginning of a major economic crisis that will surely engulf the whole world making the 2008 dip look like a minor blip.

These events are like ripples emanating from the global economic pond, similar to small tremors preceding a large earthquake and tsunami that will devastate millions of peoples' lives.

The elite have been at war with the population for some time, but it has been covert, we are only seeing now that they want to take everything from the masses. And when everything is used up and the people are completely destitute, they will then introduce martial law and hard weaponry and not the economic and chemical stick they have been using for so long.

If you take one step back. Look at the food presented to the masses in supermarkets. It is all wrapped in plastic, the chemicals that leach into your food every day are poisoning you and your family. The additives in your drinks, in your food and in your water are there to slowly kill you. The genetically modified vegetables and fruit are devoid of nutrients and necessary compounds. The WIFI radiation permeating everywhere is not there for your benefit as the mobile phones you stick close to your skull and are so addicted to.


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Link Broken on my end

There will always be something worth stealing, even at the level of murder by cannibals.

Better ways are known, so claiming that these crimes made legal are inevitable are false claims.