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Creative or Creepy? Doll display raises eyebrows

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Hilarious waste of airtime! At no point did this newscast achieve anything close to intellectual or informative, and yet I can't help but feel entertained.

What a perfect example of society's dribble-headed over sensitivity to even the slightest deviation from "normality"

I like it when people are upset, especially when they can't even articulate to themselves why. My God then they actually have to think!

I was leaning toward figuring

they have very bad taste in art and no ability to make something worth sharing so all they're left with is trying to shock. But then that really creepy comment at 1:46, where her voice dips a little toward the end of the sentence made me wonder if they are purposely staying just under the line of how belligerent they can be toward their neighbors. "I would really hope other parents would look up and say, hey, this could really happen to my kid and maybe I need to watch them better."

If you're ever around someone who makes a game of wording things to sound like a threat to the people closest, but takes advantage of how the rest of us give the benefit of the doubt, get far enough away that you can have the luxury of being in the second group, the ones giving the benefit of the doubt.

Defend Liberty!

Plastic dolls in yard...send

Plastic dolls in yard...send in the news crew and the cps!

Terrorizing and killing children who live on sand...oh well.

Some down-home folk with bad taste in art, LOL!

People are addicted to MUCH WORSE crap TV shows about murder, violence, gore, etc. on prime time.

But because these are real, individual people, they are being singled out as freaks.

That's what fascism is all about... pick on / destroy / attack the individuals who "don't fit".

Also, let's value an inanimate object like a doll (because, OMG... it represents a BAAYBEE!) over real humans and their freedom of expression.

(Now go see the Bodies exhibit at your art museum... just some dead Chinese political dissidents... no big deal.)

What would the Founders do?

Looks like a typical neighborhood in Ausin, TX

They should move here, nobody would think twice about their yard art. 'Keep Austin Weird'.

Indeed, lol

Austin Texas, home of creepy doll displays and child beauty pageants.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."