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How to turn 90 bullets into 300, perhaps DHS would consider this trick to save money

Yesterdays widely released account about the Sandy Hook shootings has been changed significantly by today's accounts. 3 magazines have suddenly become ten magazines after it was pointed out that it would have been impossible for 152 spent cartridges to be produced by 3- 30 round magazines. If our government could duplicate this action imagine the savings the DHS and all the other agencies could realize when purchasing bullets to tame and subdue the populace. I'd also like to take this opportunity to point out that their claim of two 35 round drum magazines for the shot gun has been disappeared. Seems no one manufactures a 35 round drum for a Shotgun.

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go to the papers!

The report says the shotgun was moved from the passenger compartment to the trunk for safety reasons. The main report, also, says there were three empty magazines, and one each with 10,11, and 13 unspent shells. There were fourteen left in the Bushmaster. That adds up to 161 missing if the magazines were all full. So, it is not too far off.

Two 20 round shotgun magazines were found at his home. The shotgun looked like a regular semi-auto with no add on magazine.

I researched it, by looking at the reports, after a newscaster seemed to be unable to tell the difference between a passenger compartment and glove compartment!

Maybe if all of the members of DHS committed mass suicide....

we could save even more money.

that's because they are grasping

for anything as they fall into the quicksand.

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Good metaphor

Keep 'em coming.