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Xmas check from Nancy to Adam reportedly for weapon, turns out it's a Kodak Camera

Media & law enforcement reporting that a Christmas card with a check made out to Adam for a C183 Point and Shoot was for a new weapon - turns out it's a Kodak camera - idiots!

Documents: Lanza’s Mother Gave Newtown Shooter Holiday Card, Check To Buy Another Gun

Also, NRA confirms neither Adam or Nancy were NRA members.

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That propaganda lie was

That propaganda lie was called out fast. Good Job.

Gawker still thinks it's a gun.


Go figure right? When the evidence actually shows something that doesn't fit your narrative, rewrite the evidence.

I'm finding the camera costs about $200, and the gun costs about $400. How much was the check written for?

They do that all the time

If 100,000 people hear wrong facts, then only 40,000 hear the correction, there's a good chance a lot of people will still have it wrong. It's up to that 40% (or whatever percent) to spread the truth!

In this case, where even is the correction?

The link was to show how it's been reported:

"Lanza’s shocking attack took place 11 days before Christmas, and search warrants show his mother was going to give him a gift — of yet another gun — to add to his arsenal of firearms, knives and swords, CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported."

That came from documents released by police this week. The police report noted that a C183 was a firearm. https://internal.wnyc.org/media/resources/2013/Mar/28/Sandyh...

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When I saw a C183 in the news I had no idea what it was, so I did a search & a camera came up. It only took a few seconds; I guess that's too much research for law enforcement.

You simply cannot make this shit up

And nobody will call them out on the lies.

Don't wanna get shot with a 35mm


High Capacity

Magazines for those hold 36 shots!

Military-style assault camera

Cameras could be considered dangerous because they "shoot" photographs.
Be careful where you point your lens.


This just gets more absurd by the day.

12-gauge shotgun in a glove compartment... and a check from gun-crazed mom for one of them thar Kodak firearm cameras.

Good grief.

Not to worry.....

Kodak is recalling all 12-gauge cameras sold. Recoil is causing too many black eyes......

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What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks