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Market demands more ammo

Here are a few ideas that could help good påtriots defeat the Bolshevik Fascist Globalist insurgencies which have infected good nations and peoples of Earth like a virus...

1. Ammo Camp : everywhere seminars on how to make your own ammo perhaps combined with marksmanship + safety camp http://babeswithbullets.com/

2. Demand ammo manufacturers do not sell to DHS or FEMA or similar treasonous government thugs

3. You need a true Constitutional Sheriff NOW ... Clear the Bench too
http://oathkeepers.org/oath/ http://www.clearthebench.org/

4. Create a local liberty slate of candidates ASAP in it to win it show the elitism of their laws and exemptions / women's safety issue / "arms" not "guns" / "shall not be infringed" / SSRI truth

5. Challenge to all inventors and tinkerers : What ubiquitous stuff can be transformed into decent ammo? ... keeping in mind the BFG's want lead-free for you \ Depleted Uranium for them ... http://www.fws.gov/migratorybirds/CurrentBirdIssues/nontoxic...

6.. Operation RawM get ammo raw materials into massive amount of secure locations around the planet in the hands of the good påtriots ... never let a 2nd Amendment crisis go to waste ...

7. Constitutional Moneybomb http://gunowners.org/ http://www.rmgo.org/

8. Recall Governor Hickenlooper and all the gun-grabbers & run liberty candidates against them
Here's a list of Colorado gun-grabbers:

9. Where is DHS storing 2,000,000,000 hollow-point rounds ? Inquiring minds want to know ;)

10. Impeach Obama + Feinstein + Pelosi : legalize freedom

There's a few thoughts and clearly there's serious bårter to be made for those who can startup ammo manufacturing alternatives in an attempt to meet the massive market demands ...

Bonus mystery question: was this another false-flag gun violence crime designed to gently "nudge" Hickenlooper to sign the gun control bills . . . ?: http://www.coloradostatesman.com/content/994057-murder-cleme...

{{{ secret Octopus clues @ bottom link }}}


Please add your ideas , best guns & ammo links, and give as hard as you can to the 2nd Amendment liberty wårriors in your local towns !

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