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Backyard aquaponics: DIY system to farm fish with vegetables

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Cool System

I think this guy has been posting his videos for a couple of years now as I recognize a bunch of his installations

It is important to point out that he has a very poor choice of materials on his in-house installation.

If you are going to use plastic, there is only 2 choices which are food safe and will not leech toxin into the system

Polyvinyl-chloride (PVC)
Polyethylene (PET)

do not use polypropelyene (PP) like this guy has chosen.

In his latest build I think

In his latest build I think he said he used potable water rated both EPDM and PVC pipe.

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Thank you. My doctor was

Thank you. My doctor was telling me about this type of thing.

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Wow! This is really impressive

I have bookmarked this and will be following his videos.


Cool! If you got the money you can go as elaborate as you can afford. Same thing can be done for much cheaper though too.

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This is awesome!

Great link thanks!

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His videos on his new system

Please spend some time and watch his videos, he has some great ideas and ways of doing things. This is the playlist he put together on his new Aquaponics system.


Here is his videos of him building his Geodesic Dome Greenhouse. Well worth the time to watch if your a DIY person.


Hope you enjoy his work as I have.


This is amazing....truly amazing

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hate to see that laptop get wet. His system would be toast. I'm all for the "lazy" way or "set it and forget it" type of systems, but the holy grail (to me) is being able to do something off the grid.
I've been looking into something called the "Kratky method" which doesn't use air or water pumps.


I agree.

It is a wonderful thing, and if people want to go all out and they can, more power to them. There is a guy on youtube with a dome and AP system that makes mine look pretty lame, but he spent $45,000 so far. That is not really anything that will help poor people get into it. Ours is still under $1000, and not 100% off grid but will be heated off grid. If only I could find a way to run the pumps off grid....
:) Thanks for the link!

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