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"North Korea to Bomb Hawaii, Texas, Los Angeles, and Washington DC"

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Why would that idiot

want to bomb Cali, DC and Hawaii? They are as communist as he is!

I say we offer Kim...Hawaii, DC, and Cali and then we can trade him Texas for NY and NJ. Would be nice to keep Texas safe and unharmed.

Yes I am joking...

North/South Demarcation Zone. 60 yr history. Bit of Vaudeville.

(DP Original from me to you.)

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

our media is framing the conflict over "food"

Ignoring anything about sanctions and trade, the reality-tv-show-script-writers (which we know as "the news") is suggesting the conflict is over "wanting our food."

I couldn't believe my ears. They hate us because we can has cheeseburger.

How long before Korean Barbeque

How long before Korean BBQ Restaurants around the country start calling themselves "Freedom BBQ Resaurants?"

I'll guess the end game is to bump off Kim

and insert a corporate commie like Limbaugh, Hannity, or Rommney...

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

Cyril's picture

Would make perfect sense !

Would make perfect sense !

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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Wait... Maybe I was wrong with my strawman suspicion...

Wait... I get it maybe... Maybe I was wrong with my strawman suspicion...

Yes, MAY BE that NK does in fact want to bomb U.S. cities, yes...

... because they are SO JEALOUS, ENVIOUS of our freedoms and prosperity in those cities !

Remember, didn't the USA know a precedent ?!

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Big deal...

Who DOESN'T want to bomb LA and DC?

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

Especially DC

The fallout from Los Angeles will travel eastward.

What do you think?

Empty Threat - Stop Fear Mongering.

So the news story said we ran our big ass planes over them and pooped on 'em with dummy bombs that could have been Nukes. AND their "plan" is considered an EMPTY threat since they don't have the ability to deliver.

So why the fear-mongering headline of IMPENDING bombing runs?

ah. It's always about to end.
Take a week off the daily paul and watch how normal your life becomes.
It's always about to hit the fan in here.


South Korea would crush North

South Korea would crush North Korea. They don't do it because they don't want to have to educate and take care of the millions of brainwashed, impoverished North Koreans.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:


Specific cuts; defense spending:

West Germany took East Germany back,

and were happy to reunite with their fellow Germans. West Germany took a big economic hit for doing it, and it will take forever and a day to get the whole mess back up to speed, but they are willing. For decades West Germany observed Reunification Day once a year.

I believe South Korea would like to reunite Korea, and are just waiting for the right time.

They don't do it because China would intervene.

Study the Korean 'Police Action' of the early 1950's.

China has changed

a lot since the 50's.

The North Korean army has enough

fuel, food, and war material to last a few hours. If they were stupid enough to cross the border into South Korea, South Korea might take out the North Korean leadership, and reunite Korea.

The north has a million

The north has a million person army, but I have to think they'd surrender quickly if they crossed into the south.

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is D.C 3rd on the list?

James Madison

Because apparently, it's not the highest valued target.

Perhaps the North just isn't as pissed off with D.C. as the 50 States are.

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Strawmen very likely

I believe these "news" or leaks are very convenient strawmen for the ObaMARX administration.

Like Michael said earlier (comment below) I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn about a CIA-originated PSY OP or scheme in place for years if not decades... As for the North Korean people, them poor LITERALLY ENSLAVED folks are very real ... and 99.99% chances are that millions of them are LITERALLY STARVING - when they are not used as slavery commodities UNTIL DEATH by Dear Big State in its CONCENTRATION CAMPS.

Curious to get familiar with North Korean's "democratic values"? Help yourself :

Here Are The Fundamental Rights Of Citizens Of The Democratic People's Republic Of North Korea

I would also bet that the U.S. sanctions against Iran and a few others are probably 5 or 10 times fold as the ones officially "advertised" against North Korea.

Anywhere, anyhow ... Communism NEEDS NOBODY'S help or harm to starve its victims ... BY THE MILLIONS.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

North Korea and her communist

North Korea and her communist allies in China and Russia want to provoke the United States into an attack. They desire nothing more than to force the US military's attention away from Iraq, and Afghanistan because the United States is building very large military installations there for geostrategic purposes mostly aimed at Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

As the communist dictator of North Korea threatens to destroy American cities, our president is on spring break enjoying another round of golf.

What I fear most is a deliberate, "Boy who cried wolf," strategy being used by the North Koreans (and the communists) to make the West think it's just another weak bluff. And then they blow your house down.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Am I missing something here?

Am I missing something here? We try and starve the North Korean people with sanctions because they do not want us interferring with them by telling them what to do, with that fact in mind, somehow we are surprised that they are threatening us with nuclear war? Hmmmmmm. What would we do in a similar situation? Just sayin.....

We're trying to starve them?

We're trying to starve them? Seriously? As if the grand utopia of communism was somehow dependent upon the West to feed their own people.

You are missing something, and that is a historical background.

Do you have any idea how brutal the North Koreans are?

New reports of starving North Koreans resorting to cannibalism

Read more:

They're eating their own because of Western sanctions? Or they're eating their own because communism doesn't work?

If communism was so great, people wouldn't be eating dead babies in North Korea.

And now those brutal communist bastards are threatening to destroy American cities, and you don't blame them for doing so....

That's f'd up bro!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

We had over 128,000 wounded

We had over 128,000 wounded and killed in the 1950 - 1953 conflict. Do you want to be added to that list? I sure as hell do not. Who made us boss of the world? I say leave them alone and stop provoking them with sanctions that do not work -- yes, the people are the ones suffering in all of this.

BTW: If you truly believe what you posted, you will believe anything.

One of the major practical

One of the major practical problems with communism is that it deprives people of the benefits of trade.

Coincidentally, so do multilateral sanctions against a country.

Oh, and...... would they destroy these cities? That will be interesting.

Wow..... our piling on has no negative effect. Really?

Value Destroyers!

Threaten all of our survival no matter what cult they belong (communism etc.).
We Must evolve past value destruction in all its forms to unleash/free our value creating nature.
Fully integrated honesty and wide scope accountability individually and as a species to avoid the risk of extinction.

The creation, production and fair exchange of values is the business of evolving consciousness, love and life.--Craig Johnson

The only real way that

The only real way that North Korea can successfully place a nuclear weapon on a American city, e.g. Honolulu, is if someone HIGH in the chain of command of the US military (similar to Cheney on 9/11) ALLOWS the incoming missile to actually hit a target, i.e. city. You should rightfully be concerned about the latter scenario, not Jong-un launching one. The USA possesses airborne lasers that can literally blast an inbound missile out of the air.


Was this comment supposed to be encouraging?

πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα

Yes! I am serious. We are going to America! 그렇다! 나에요.

Our Leader already chose cities for us. I've never flown before.
Hawaii, Texas, Los Angeles & Washington DC.

그렇다! 나에요. 우리는 미국에 있습니다! 우리의 리더가 이미 우리 도시를 선택했다. 나는 전에 운항 돌아오기만을 기다렸어요. 하와이, 텍사스, DC LA와 워싱턴.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul