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We need MORE Anti Zionist Posts

Should we not be bringing awareness to the world stage of the Zionist control of the world? Should we not be bringing awareness of the FIRST Holocaust that began in 1900 and resulted in 6 million Jews dead, and that it turned out to be an orchestrated HOAX designed to create a country called Israel in Palestine? Should we not be bringing awareness to our fellow man that the same Communist Zionism that created Communist Russia has been operating within our own country for as long?

Shouldn't we be raising awareness just exactly what we are supporting when we support Israel?

The FIRST Holocaust

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I'm pro-jewish and anti-zionist... just for clarification :)

So in a free society,

Mormons could separate themselves from others. Socialists too could create their commune and ban traspassing. So what is your beef against Zionism as a Libertarian? Keep in mind that Israeli-Palestinian conflict is group demands for land and not about individual rights.

With clever pretense

(as true Christian) you do worry about true Jews, Sephardic people, right? So you are not against Sephardic Zionists or Evangelical Zionists, right?

i just fed my computer some

i just fed my computer some coffee.

Gleðilega páska!

Happy Easter (in Icelandic)


i think the arabic and hebrew

i think the arabic and hebrew languages are beautiful, i would like to learn them. i like the languages....


i probably care more for

i probably care more for muslims than i do for jews.


yeah, i don't really care

yeah, i don't really care about sephardic jews either. or ashkenazi.

i'm not particularly concerned about the plight of israel .... i'm just waking up and studying for CCNA. if i get certified i'm sure i'll have to look for another line of work anyways. there are no jobs left in america.

i asked if i could apprentice for a machinist. and one guy was nice to me, but he said there may be legal issue, workers comp issues.

but i'm glad i got up the courage to ask. i'm trying to learn to love again. but.... the human race has been a failure. for the most part. but they are still trying. i hope they still try. i'm silently cheering for them.


i'm not really against

i'm not really against ignorant Ashkenazi who are willing to believe every lie their overlords tell them.

i'm fickle though. i don't know what i believe half the time i'm saying it. I'm the Glenn Beck of the Ron Paul movement.


the ashkenazi are not really

the ashkenazi are not really jewish. so how can you call them jews ?


ashkenazi experementing

ashkenazi experementing radiation on sephardic


There is something strange

about all this and may I ask, what about the Jesuits, Illuminati, Masons, Pope, Queen etc? I just received an email that said that Obama has six Muslim Brotherhood appointees, doesn't that conflict with the Zionists who are also in government and hold Israeli passports. They all seem to get along better than we do, lately.

Maybe we are still be played but I don't know how or what questions to ask.

My own thinking on this is, maybe SOME bad people are in ALL the groups and there are also some good people too.

I guess what we need is a have a list of names of people in the all the groups that are doing things that undermine our Liberty and doing great harm to humanity. In listing the names and what they have done we can avoid the over all condemnation of a whole group and maybe we will see another pattern develop that may need to be focused on. Just an opinion

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Another question

why Evangelical Zionists want to control the world? Or only Khazars are true Zionists? Then what about Jews on welfare?

Yet another question: if a Christian billionaire cannot control his gentile wife, relatives and neighbors, how come a Jew can? Oops, I mean Khazar.

Absurd and shameful

This anti-Jewish bigotry is stupid and harmful. It immediately discredits your point of view on the modern state of Israel in the eyes of fair-minded and rational people. It's a colossal distraction rooted in ignorance and hatred. Michael Nystrom should pull the plug on all of it.

What's most disheartening is the anti-Jewish nonsense gets up-voted and the sensible comments get down-voted. As a delegate to the convention in Tampa, I cast one of the votes for Ron Paul on the convention floor. I'm ending my Daily Paul account now because I don't want to be affiliated with an anti-Semitic website. Hitler was an evil man and those of you who identify with him and his racist ideas may be surprised someday when you finally bow to Jesus Christ . . . a Jew. You may be begging for mercy from Yeshua and Yahweh on that day.

Jesus wasn't to fond of most

Jesus wasn't to fond of most Jews, only those who would repent. He was calling them to come out of that house. Jesus wouldn't have like Hitler either, and for the same reason he didn't care for the Jew. They're both socialists.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
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BLOOD PASSOVER by Ariel Toaff then contemplate whether we should be more tolerant.

Let's ask Simon of Trent.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5


Being a libertarian is about tolerance, posts like these border on nonsense. When I first found out about Dr. Paul, you hear about guys like Alex Jones, Zietgiest, loose change. Conspiracy theories are just that, look we all know there's criminality and bs everywhere, but lets focus on real things, Zionism is a weak target among the many injustices we face in the modern world. So while I don't discourage anyone posting their feelings, I think we should remind posters of this nature, hatred is not what the movement is about.

Off topic, do you need a job?

If so, contact Liberty First. I don't know how much it pays to troll, but I'm sure he can tell you. Of course, he puts in a lot of hours, but I'm sure he is well paid. Upside: steady work. Downside: You may have to work for foreigners or dual citizens, you will be hated, and you must be absolutely obnoxious.

I have had Jewish friends.

They tasted great on toast points with crem freche.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.


I'm already probably on a "list" for being a DP member. Why not wave another red flag and say I oppose Zionism?

We should all just keep to

We should all just keep to ourselves, let them do what they want, cower in fear of their Lists and join the living dead until the day we die. Being alive and opposing tyranny is so dangerous, so scary...

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Ron Paul exposes Nancy pelosi as an Isreali agent

saying in this clip from 2010 that she is a Israeli agent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdJIWsbXIak


Ron Paul, resident bad ass!

Ron Paul, resident bad ass! Do you randites think he'd say the same???

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Israeli Jewish man says Zionism is the cause of the problems

An orthodox jewish man in Israel talks about how his grandparents, who lived in the holy land since before Israel was established, used to be friends with the muslims in the area. They were "like brothers." They used to "babysit each others kids". He says the problem isn't judaism or jews or muslims, but that the problem is zionism: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2mTgq-jw8M
Ron Paul - Israel Created Hamas: Ron Paul laying down the facts about how Hama's was created by Israel, and "America": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUDQMvJGa40


Flin, you can get a DP award

for the best parrot. For so many posts, 1) you have never used your own thoughts, words, arguments - always copy-and-paste, links or both; 2) you always jump the thead posting even replies as top posts; 3) you always thumb yourself up as soon as you post.

How old are you or is it PTSD?

ϟ ringalingaling ϟ ringalingaling ϟϟ

Hello, this is the DP?
Hang on, please.
Liberty_First, it's for you. It's your employer.


You are proving to be the perfect example of why people want Jews to just go away. Shalom, troll!

Uh oh :(

How did your bigoted comment get marked up four times?!

I am against Zionism...but racist, dimwitted comments against Jews are inappropriate and counter-productive. This is why people conflate anti-Zionism with anti-semitism....this is why people judge us before listening to us! They see sites like this, and they see that Jew bashing is too often the response to what ought to be a strictly intellectual investigation of Israeli policy.

You might need to read all of

You might need to read all of Liberty First's post in order to fully understand what Mike is saying. Then again, you might want to read all of Mike's post to understand Mike...him being raised as a Jew and all.. http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/3018622

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I misunderstood.