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Liberty's "Gandhi Strategy" in full bloom!

First, we ignore you. (The gop and the neocons were soundly defeated as romnie [the one who couldn't lose] becomes a stinkblot in history.)

Then, we ridicule you. (The gov't is a laughing stock on virtually everything they do now.)

Then, we fight you. (Yeah, its coming, but it will be over before it gets started because NO ONE will stand up for big sis or obombya or crazy joe or boner or belosi or reid or rahm or kissinger, or cheney or bush or clinton or any of the others who have been our so-called leaders for the past 35 years!) Not when they are faced by "every blade of grass" which will cut them both ways.

Then, we win!

That giant sucking sound will be tyranny fleeing our shores. Take no prisoners, give no quarter, and wipe this scourge from our land.

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