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Good Websites For Teens?

I come to the DailyPaul website every day. And from here I get interested in things, and then run with my interests elsewhere on the internet; google, youtube, other news sites reporting on a topic...

What are some good websites WHERE TEENS might be able to spread their wings?

Not necessarily "liberty sites" or "political sites..."

My son is 15, and his main interest is video games, Minecraft now. And when he's not playing Minecraft, HE WATCHES VIDEOS OF PEOPLE PLAYING MINECRAFT on youtube!!!

I want the kid to be able to use the internet for something virtuous. But he needs a launchpad, like I have here at DP.

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Ask him....

What his interests are. If it's not more interesting to him than Minecraft he'll be bored.

Programming Site

I also tried to get him into Scratch:



Get your kid some Ju Jitsu

Get your kid some Ju Jitsu classes, Get him out and work his body with respect and honor. However, Minecraft is REALLY good for your brain so dont bash it too hard :)

invalid question...

How about getting them to do something that is not on the computer?

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on used cooking oil before I found out about it in 1999.


Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.


Another good website is:
It's full of simple and easy-to-run Java-based science simulations. Lots of fun and learning from those. I could spend hours (have spent hours, actually) on those.

Not a lunatic or a heretic. Just a Paulitic.

Leo Laporte and twit.tv

I watch security now.

Free includes debt-free!

If you have a problem with Minecraft as a hobby...

Maybe it is you who needs a lesson in liberty, not your kid.

I don't have anything against Minecraft

As far as video games go, I think it is way better than others on offer of recent. But all day? Will video games "expand or open your mind?"

In my eyes, comparing video games to food, video games are like dessert, very easy to consume.

I have nothing against a good dessert. But for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

In my opinion, we need a larger palette.

Drastic means - drastic measures

You may find you have things in common with this mom:

a more in depth article:

Now I'm not suggesting you go "unplugged", but point being, as a concerned parent, you should restrict his video game time since, according to your post, it seems like that's all he exclusively does. Have you tried speaking to him as to what interest/hobbies he has and goals he would like to achieve? Maybe finding sites related to that, and having him spend a dedicated hour on those specific sites may help. If it's to his liking, he may start dedicating more time to those sites on his own.

I think most of us are guilty of this:

Good luck.

Limiting the games...

Yeah we only allow games on the weekend, not on school nights. And on those days, games don't come on til after dinner.

But during these other days, he only wants to watch Minecraft youtube videos.

The best way to get into the

The best way to get into the pool is to just dive right in.

The Revolution Continues..

Has he ever tried to make his

Has he ever tried to make his own mods for Minecraft? It is a great way to get some interested in programming and a good way to begin learning.


I learned how to program by editing games I had on my TI-83 graphing calculator. It wasn't long before I was making my own games.

Thanks for the smoothie

Thanks for the smoothie video, bump!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Since the internet isn't censored

You might want to spoonfeed him stuff you print out. I found a lot of garbage when I was younger. Also find websites which have no garbage - they're mostly oldschool HTML sites. Have him read books more than use the internet. I'm thinking this for young teens. Yet, as he grows, use your discretion, most websites adults go on should be ok for him to check out. In the medieval ages, I remember reading something like that children were viewed as being "mini-adults". That is to say, they could do everything adults do, just less perfectly. So, I remember feeling maybe at age 16 I could read just about anything adults could. You probably saw that news story recently on the 15 year old who developed the pancreatic cancer test? Young people are capable. Let's teach them to be adults, earlier. He can read adult stuff, hold him to a higher standard. Have him ask questions or google terms he doesn't understand. This is my incomplete analysis of the situation. I remember growing up feeling I was pretty mature at young age from good private schooling. Ben Swann got his master's when he was 16. The future will probably have smarter, wiser kids at younger ages - if we can make it to the future.


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http://www.youtube.com/user/TokenLibertarianGirl also my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/mikeroweRules12?feature=mhee

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Okay, he's 15, Im sorry but your probably too late...

There really isn't any way to say this nice but your gonna have to just listen and accept this...

At some point, early on in your child's life, you made the decision that you were going to allow television and computer to be his majority form of interacting and "learning" in the world. One or both of these things have no real limits placed upon them but it allowed you to do stuff while he sat in front of them "soaking it up".

Okay, so now we are at present day. You have become more and more irritated because he has more care and respect for these glowing boxes than he does for you or even himself and he's starting to scare you because he is seeming more and more like an empty vessel and "what's he gonna do when he's an adult?" Etc etc etc...

The bad news is a part of him that you could have been nurturing since he was a child to be as creative as possible is stunted because he's been programmed to a large degree by constant mindless entertainment saturation.

The good news, which is really just more bad news, is if you go completely Luddite (and what I mean is get rid of all television and internet etc) on your entire family including yourself from this point and make a gods honest effort to really interact like a real family and do things together there's a CHANCE he might reverse some on the mind control.

This isn't meant to be mean to you specifically, this is just a huge USA societal problem going on right now that I have encountered too many times interacting with too many people who were raised as tv heads and pretty much got their soul sucked out of them at an early age. Internet can be very useful, but all this kid is doing Is playing games.

Do you want a zombie or a real human being that is an expression of you and your spouse's values?

PS Never let them have a cellphone. I'm dead serious.

PSS I only take such a harsh tone with this because I have a 16 year old half sister who used to be such a sweet, promising, talented little girl until my mother and ex stepfather decided it would be great if they started letting her watch non-stop Disney Channel, non stop Internet, and non stop cell phone texting and now she is completely lost to me and everyone around her and its like Im the only person in my whole family that can put two and two together and say hey you let her watch too much damn tv, internet, etc when she should have been out playing having adventures and using her imagination. Now it's like one of my siblings is dead and no one even tucking cares but me. I warned everyone not to let her go down that cookie cutter road and nows she's reaped what they've sown and my family still acts oblivious to the cause. But. No, I'm just the meddling older brother that just can't mind his own business and let every one sit and stare at a america's idol for two hours before they fall asleep on the couch.

Save your family while you still can, god save yourself. Don't subject yourself to unnecessary living hell knowing that little person that's growing up didn't have to be stunted by all this propaganda and distraction!!!

Not so sure

I was a lot like her son as a teen. Today, I don't own a TV and play one game about 2 hours a week. This is also the first game I've played in probably 5 years. All that time on the computer got me started learning all sorts of things like how to upgrade my video card. Today, I have a fantastic job in IT managed services.

Us luddite's will be

Us luddite's will be monitoring you.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

No king but King Ludd

As the Liberty lads o’er the sea
Bought their freedom, and cheaply, with blood,
So we, boys, we
Will die fighting, or live free,
And down with all kings but King Ludd!

Byron 1812


Minecraft isn't virtuous?

If Minecraft isn't virtuous I don't know what is.



This is an EXCELLENT site to send teens (or even kids) to. My kids (ages 15-8) all love these videos. The videos are all from a liberty, Austrian economics perspective and they are very entertaining. My kids will sit and watch video after video. I highly recommend it!


My friend's kid was showing me this game tonight. It's serious business. He's made a mini-game, house, zoo... getting into mods and graphic design.

Perhaps a "Teen" Tag Here at the DP?

Or some way for us to forward "kid oriented" topics here at the DP to a certain forum?

So you could login to dailypaul/teen?


Some suggested Codecademy, CodeAcademy, CodeSchool, Roblox... I have been to CodeAvengers; really suggest it for kids learning HTML... I have completed the Python course at CodeCademy...

He and I completed the first few chapters of HTML tutorials at CodeAvengers...

I also bought an Arduino, and a bunch of electronics along with a website that had 20 beginner circuit building tutorials; hoping he would get into that...

But he has never continued any of these on his own; he needed to be coerced somewhat. I wanted to just get him started; not painfully have to force him down any path.

Of course anything I push his way; he acts is like a punishment somehow.

"Why can't I just play Minecraft?"

I have tried suggesting to him nearly anything that I can help him with.

yeah well the reason I suggested Roblox

is that it is similar to Minecraft except you are naturally motivated to learn code. You can build games without it and most do. My son does as he is young yet. But my daughter is now motivated to learn how to do more amazing things with it. Roblox or something like it could be the vehicle to move him toward actually learning something from his games.

Of course if you push it there is the natural push back from a teenager. But if he thinks it's only a fun game....and he gets good at it... it could motivate him further.

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And here is another website your son might benefit from, as well

And here is another website your son might benefit from, as well, although about which I STRONGLY recommend you to attend or at least discuss with him his browsing over there, if any :


As you probably don't want to leave your son going down the rabbit hole alone.

And of course, much less controversial :


It's never too early, IMO, for kids to REALLY understand what is (well, ought to be) "money".

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


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Besides the Daily Paul here's a good web site, not just for kids

Besides the Daily Paul, here is a good web site, and not just for kids :


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius