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US Gold Coin release

I received a flyer today supposedly from the US Money Reserve. Stating it is issuing for sale at no dealer mark up, $5.00 gold coins for $169.99 each. Anyone know what this is?

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It's legit. The coin is a 1/10 oz $5 gold coin.

The current price is $185.07 for one of these. Fractional coins are more expensive than one ounce coins.

"The 1/10 oz. American Eagle Gold Coin is produced at the U.S. Mint at West point and is U.S. legal tender. It features a classic obverse design by legendary sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Price not valid for precious metals dealers."

If they'll give you a $5 gold coin for 169, i'd take it.

Seeing as how that's like less than half of their spot value. I assume that's misleading or fraudulent.

Looking at usmoneyreserve.com, they're an ordinary gold bullion dealer with ordinary prices.

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I tried to find the origin of

I tried to find the origin of it - cause I don't believe it either. Just wondering if anyone else got it.