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The Truth About Mechanically Separated Meat

The Truth About Mechanically Separated Meat

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Jamie Oliver - Nugget experiment epic failure


What Are Chicken Nuggets Made Of?


Mechanical Separation


Who's hungry?


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I couldn't stop laughing at the video with the kids!

It reminded me SO MUCH of trying to show "common sense" to people when comparing Ron Paul to every other GOP candidate and obama. (Cue banging head against wall) Yeah, I couldn't stop laughing cause there's no point in crying. It's also like when so many people around the world knew who he was & was vocally supporting him, yet here.....sigh.....Welcome to America!

Food, Glorious Food!

If a person cannot tolerate how food, especially meats are prepared, they should consider not eating that product. My daughter swore off meats for nearly 20 years once she witnessed how Dad spills Bambi's gutpile. I respected her decision then and still do.

Preparing meat products can appear horrific to some. The only thing that has changed since the dawn of man are the tools and mechanization used today.

Those who must have meat but think that it is made in a supermarket need to live on a working ranch for a year or two.

I hear John Wayne Bobbit is not a fan


I'll bet there are lots of people here on DP that can't WAIT for ms horsemeat!



Double yum with a dry rub and a day in the smoker.

I'm hungry!

fasting today.

I LOVE making sausages. LOVE hot dogs and sausage.. I wish I could eat ALL I wanted, but they are a treat. I especially LOVE them when the skins are crispy (and when grilled they have to be a little charred).