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I've been hearing great things about the Cordycep Mushroom.

Screw BIG Pharma! Lets get a good post going about natural remedies that Pfiser or Glaxo think we don't know about.

I've been fascinated by this cool Fungi. Check out what it does to you...

Mike Brown jokingly refers to these as "biceps mushrooms."

Here are some examples of what cordyceps mushrooms did for people we used as "guinea pigs."

A man, age 35, told us that after taking the cordyceps mushrooms he actually felt like getting up in the morning for the first time in years. This same man was usually huffing and puffing after 20 reps in the squat. After taking the cordyceps mushrooms for several weeks, he finished doing 20 reps with 270. His two training partners told him, "You're not even breathing hard!"

They insisted he put 315 on the bar. With that weight he could do 20 more reps.

A woman, age 37, who is a marathon runner, cut 2 minutes off her usual 50-minute morning run.

A woman, age 54, found doing full extension leg lifts with 20 reps and assisted chin ups using her usual setting much easier.

Not just any mushroom is going to have this effect. There are 80,000 known species of mushrooms. That is only 5% of what is actually out there.

I think that's worth making note of.